7 Weird Hair Shampoos You Might Have Never Heard About

Showing off shiny and healthy hair is something that no one can get just by snapping fingers and voilà there it is! No, it is not that easy. To show off amazing hair, you need to invest your time, dedication and yeah, your money. After all, you can’t just apply anything to your hair. Right? Everybody should create a personal hair care routine and choose a good quality range of different products, because sometimes we just limit ourselves to using the the same brand, the same hair shampoos, and sometimes it gets a bit boring, don’t you think?

7 Weird Shampoos You Might Have Never Heard About

The idea of introducing new and different products is always interesting. Especially if the products are catchy and unique in the beauty market. Here are 7 super duper and weird hair shampoos you might have never heard about!

 Chile Pepper Shampoo

Chile Pepper shampoo is a very good option to reduce greasy hair and to combat lices as well. This shampoo is perfect for brittle, thin and strengthless hair-type persons. The frequent usage of these products maintains the results in the medium and long term. Our mane will become stronger with this shampoo, and do you want to know why? Capsaicin is the main component of Chili, and is responsible to give the famous characteristic spicy flavour, but not only that, this component acts deep inside of our scalp, strengthening your hair from the root till your ends. We recommend that you find another alternative if you are sensitive to strong smell because this shampoo smells kind of strong.

Placenta Shampoo

The big popularity of this strange shampoo is due to its wide usage by celebrities like Victoria Beckha or Penelope Cruz. It’s a liquid shampoo (Well, I know that’s not surprising) made with animal placenta extract (mainly sheep or cow). Nowadays, it can be made with the newly recognized “Vegetable Placenta”. This unique and fancy shampoo is perfect to recover  chemical and heat damage in your hair. Also, its components act as stimulating the oil glands in your scalp responsible for the production of sebum that allows you to moisturize your hair in a natural way. This product has gained popularity as well because it contributes to normalizing your PH level in your scalp altered by the action of dead cells. We recommend alternating this shampoo with a mild one.

Mojito Shampoo

Peppermint is the star ingredient in this shampoo. It gives your hair a fresh, delicious and lovely Caribbean aroma and makes your shower experience much more interesting and fun. Not only that, the usage of peppermint in your shampoo is very beneficious. It beats the oil excess in your scalp, stimulates the way your hair grows and finishes with that “life-less” effect that we all hate. Mojito as a component in this shampoo is used in second place to complement a base of a primary component like mary gold or tea tree.

Horse Oil Shampoo

Horse oil is made by obtaining oils from horse fat. It might sound random, bizarre and disgusting but if you think about it, the beauty industry uses in its composition components that come from animals like smashed cochineals for carmine, deer musk for perfumes or animal urea for some creams and lotions. This strange component became popular all around the world but mostly in Asian countries like Japan, Korea and China. A long time ago it was used in traditional medicine for healing purposes. Horse oil is a good option to repair dry and damaged hair providing a moisture boost. This component is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and very helpful for preventing dry scalp.

Garlic Shampoo

Every time that you brush your hair you can clearly feel that it is getting thinner? That is one of the worst sensations ever, we agree! Garlic shampoo is the best option if you suffer from this problem as it avoids hair breakage, thickens the hair fibres. Thus, minimizing split ends. Garlic has antibiotic properties that reduce hair loss caused by bacterias and germs, restoring the volume of your hair and stimulating your hair follicles. These hair shampoos restore hair damage caused by chemical treatments such as dyes and relieves itching caused by dandruff.

Chocolate Shampoo

Chocotherapy is a very trendy, interesting and delicious way to relax and pamper yourself, but only serves to take care of your dermis. Chocolate can do wonders in your hair as well. Chocolate hair shampoos which are rich in magnesium, provide antioxidant effects increasing elasticity of your mane. It also contains vitamins A, E and B1 and B2 that revitalize and repair your hair. Lipids and proteins of cocoa beans stimulate the natural production of collagen, guaranteeing a maximum hydration. Chocolate shampoo can also enhance your hair colour if it is natural brown or black.

Whale Spermaceti Shampoo

Well, this is not the kind of “spermaceti” which you think it comes from. Spermaceti is an oil extract that comes from the Sperm Whale head’s fat. Luckily in most of the cases (not always) this component is synthetic. Some people say that this component brings a lot of nourishment and also has astringent and rehabilitating properties. The usage of cosmetics products based in whale spermaceti are quite popular in Caribbean and Latin American countries. The formula of this Hair Shampoo repairs and rebuilds your hair from root to ends, potentiating the hair follicle strength avoiding hair fall and protecting from chemical and heat damage revitalizing the lost Keratin.

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