7 Tips To Take Care Of Your Husky During The Hottest Months

Siberian Huskies are the dogs that need to be taken care of in the summer season as their natural habitat is the cold, northern climate such as the Siberian Tundra or Alaska. Huskies are a primitive dog bred by people of Chukchi tribe to survive the extremely cold climate. They are very clean and healthy, but they also need a lot of attention to ensure their healthy being. Caring for a Siberian husky requires a well-organised schedule of activities including bathing, grooming, brushing, exercises, and training. Huskies demand a lot of your time and understanding to stay clean and healthy.

7 Tips To Take Care Of Your Husky During The Hottest Months


With a Siberian husky at home, there also comes other problems like hair shedding and things getting wet and dirty. It is important to brush your husky’s coat every day to prevent the formation of heavy mats. You can gently brush the fur using a comb with wide-spread teeth to undo all mats. Make sure that you brush slowly and carefully to avoid any annoyance. When done with the combing, you can use a bristle brush to brush your dog upwards to wipe out the shed hair. If you find the grooming of your husky as a tough task you can reach out a professional dog groomer to get done with this important thing. Proper grooming of your dog will not on keep them look good, but help them stay healthy and comfortable in the summer season.

7 Tips To Take Care Of Your Husky During The Hottest Months

You shouldn’t even think of cutting your husky’s coat as it will affect their ability to regulate the body temperature. This will also lead them to overheat and even heat stroke. The outer layer of Husky’s coat is what keeps them protected against harsh UV rays, direct heat, and insects.

Keeping them cool indoor

A tile floor is all they need to lay and draw out the heat from the body. Huskies shouldn’t be left to lie on rugs or carpets as it prevents them from expelling heat. Make sure to fit a blind or heat shield on your windows, prevent direct sunlight and UV rays. Your husky can be kept cool indoors by letting them stay in an air-conditioned room with the temperature less than 20° C. If you don’t have an air-conditioned room go for a couple of fans a cool-air blower strategically placed near your husky.

7 Tips To Take Care Of Your Husky During The Hottest Months

Keep them hydrated

It is unavoidable to ensure that your husky stay hydrated in summer and even in cooler climates. They should always have access to a big bowl of fresh cold water, and in hot climate provide them with an extra-large bowl of water. Proper hydration is essential for your husky to control body temperature. It will be difficult for them to keep cool if they are dehydrated. If you have to stay away from home, get a friend to check up on him to ensure they have water at all times.

7 Tips To Take Care Of Your Husky During The Hottest Months

Exercise at the right time

During the summer season, it is important to take your husky for exercise in the early morning or late evening. It is not ideal to skip exercise for your husky, as it is essential for them. Also, make sure that you take out your husky for a walk when the sun is low and the temperatures are lower. Don’t risk by taking you husky too far from home for a walk. This would make it difficult to get back home when the climate suddenly becomes hot. If you’re taking your husky to a nearby park or walking are, choose to take the car to avoid overheating.

7 Tips To Take Care Of Your Husky During The Hottest Months

Your husky needs space

Huskies need a lot of space to roam around to make them feel comfortable in hot weather. They always need a big area of the cool floor where they can safely walk around, stretch, change position and fidget if they want. If you keep your husky in an indoor kennel or crate, you should frequently let them out for playtime and potty breaks.

7 Tips To Take Care Of Your Husky During The Hottest Months

Use cooling beds or wet towels

Your husky will love to lay on a cooling bed or wet towel to lay on, especially on during hot climate. You will spot them lying on it even when the temperature has dropped. The cooling bed will be a simple and effective way to let your husky stay cool and comfortable at all times. This will let them lay on and expel body heat at the same time. When you husky is outside you can provide them towel dipped in cold water to lay on. This is also a simple and mess-free alternative for cooling bed to let your husky stay cool outdoors.

7 Tips To Take Care Of Your Husky During The Hottest Months

Watch the paws

While walking in sunny outdoors, the pads of your husky’s paws will get vulnerable to heat and cause to burn. You should watch for where your husky is walking outdoors, and make sure that it is only grass or in the shade. The thing is that the pads of your husky’s paws are soft and delicate as the palms of your hand. The pavement will be hot for his paws as it is hot for your hand.

7 Tips To Take Care Of Your Husky During The Hottest Months

What made huskies popular even in habitats other than Alaska and Siberia is their playful nature. They will adapt well even to warmer climates but requires great care to prevent their tendency for overheating due to their double coats. As an owner of a husky, you need to train them well, to make them obey commands. The habitat of a modern husky should involve lots of activity and a family including a strong leader.

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