7 Weird New Year’s Traditions From Around The World

When New Year is round the corner, so are the weirdest New Year traditions around the globe. From breaking plates to spending time in a cemetery and stuffing your mouth with grapes. Here are some bizarre traditions that without doubt will bedazzle you.

All things round: Philippines

Imagine decorating your house with all things round or spherical and even snacking on round food. Weird isn’t it ? But this is how the Philippines welcome a year of prosperity and good luck. They decorate their table with all round shaped fruits. They even collect round coins so it can bring forth good fortune.

The red underpants: Italy

How about going out shopping for New Year eve in Italy and you find a pile of ‘red underwear‘ for sale everywhere? You don’t have  to be puzzled because good fortune is assured once when you are wearing all red inside. This similar practice is found in countries like Spain and Argentina also.

The fortune telling lead: Germany

Germany’s is one of the famous traditions that happens to be heating some lead and putting it into a bowl of water. But the best part is the interpretation. The shape of the lead while it is formed in water will determine the fortune for the New Year.  If it happens to be in sword shape then its an year of bravery and courage. Some people prefer wax to lead, it is also poured into water and the shape of the solid form is interpreted as a symbol of their prosperity and well being in the New Year. 

A day to be gorged: Estonia

Eating 7 to 8 times a day , feasting on all things that you love to eat !

To fill your tummy frequently for a day is an Estonian practice of bringing ‘good luck‘ in the next year. But finishing all these meals isn’t the way. Leaving a small portion for the ancestors who will pay then a visit is also a part of the tradition. 

Onion decor: Greece

The symbolism of growth, strength and prosperity ,onions adorn the Greece homes. Onions are hung by the door on the day of New Year, the children are being woken up by tapping onion on their head. The ancient Greek considered onions as the symbol of rebirth and renewal hence it is hung at the doorsteps for the next year to be happy and calm.

Broken dish fortune: Denmark

Isn’t it weird to smash dishes at your friends and relatives’ doorsteps on a New Year Midnight. Well in Denmark it is a different story, the more the number of broken dishes piled up the more will be the good fortune awaiting you the coming year. The dishes breaking will commence at the first stroke of midnight.

The mistletoe under your pillow: Ireland

If sleeping with some mistletoe leaves under your pillow on New Year’s eve sounds weird to you but it’s an Ireland tradition. This practice is believed to bring good fortune in the coming year. The tradition is believed to find the future husband and wife.

Although there are a lot of New Year traditions all around the world, the day ‘New Year’ is the same to all. All these traditions and customs were followed by the people to bring in joy, prosperity and wealth in their upcoming year. Each country has its practice of welcoming the New Year.

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