4 Artists Who Use Skin As An Inspiration For Art

Art can be all sorts of weird or crazy. That is why it is called art, right? It’s free from any barriers, any artist is free to explore his/her niche. It is the form through which one expresses ideas, beliefs, and opinions. Art holds a lot of power in conveying important messages and normalizing things.

Artists can literally take inspiration from anywhere and at any time for their art. One such piece of inspiration which has been used in depiction in many ways is human skin. Yes, you read that right human skin not only as a medium but as an inspiration for art, whether in the form of sculptures, design, or even paintings. Human skin has been one such diverse inspiration that is open to interpretation and conceptualization.

We explored a few artists who use human skin as an inspiration for their work and present a form that is mesmerizing and captivating. 

4 Artists Who Use Skin As An Inspiration For Art

Renee Verhoeven

 Renee Verhoeven created the series “The Anatomy of the Hand” which had the product, gloves. As the name suggests, Renee through a number of different techniques like laser, cutting, pleating, leather molding, sewing. She creatively reimagined and constructed a glove that represents how skin or flesh moves with bone movements.

The work of Renee is seen in the design of products, which here is a glove inspired by human flesh/skin. Through this project, she lays out the anatomy of a hand. The characteristics of hands like wrinkles, cells, and joints are represented in gloves through the use of material. This product design is inspired by the gestures of hands and how the skin or the flesh curves.

JC Debroize

This graphic designer designed a typeface that is inspired by human skin. This typeface involves hair and eyes to give alphabets that human touch. This designer photographed his colleagues and then turned them into alphabets with hair and eyes.

 Explaining the process of this typeface, JC said “We shot pictures of the letters and of the design team’s faces. Then I made a mapping of skin textures on the letters with Photoshop and added the hair and the eyes,”

Jonathan Yeo

In his series called Skin Deep, Jonathan depicts how the skin is altered through cosmetic surgery and operations and the obsession of altering the skin to make it look perfect is growing day by day. In Extended SMAS (Superficial Muscular-Aponeurotic System) Facelift portrait, he has shown how the skin and the cheeks are being pulled away for that perfect skin.

His series Skin deep includes a range of photographs and portraits which depicts how man has become obsessed with the idea of cosmetic surgery and how painful it is to look at.

Ariana Page Rusell

Embracing yourself and your skin is very important. Ariana Page Rusell has shown how to love and turn your skin into a beautiful piece of art. Ariana Page suffers from a skin condition called dermatographia, which causes red swollen imprint when the skin is rubbed or scratched.

She uses a blunt needle to draw patterns on her skin which leave a beautiful imprint and stays on her skin for 30 mins. She takes pictures of those patterns and shares them with the world. The pain-free process has not only helped her accept her skin but many others going through the same.

4 Artists Who Use Skin As An Inspiration For Art.
Via Ariana Page Russell

Tell us which is the weirdest art form you know of in the comments below!

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