8 Suits Every Man Should Have In His Collection

Fashion is cyclical, with trends coming and going. Certain clothing, styles, and aesthetics, on the other hand, never go out of style. Classic designs stand the test of time and look wonderful in any period. You may look back at images of yourself wearing timeless fashions without fear of embarrassment. Even better, you’ll be able to maximize the usage of these suits in the years to come, making the most of your investment. So, what are the classic suits that every wardrobe requires? Today, we cover the 8 types of suits ever man should have in his collection!

Single-Breasted Suit

Choose a suit in navy or midnight blue that will carry you from day to night, season after season, year after year. A blue suit is versatile in that it may be worn with either brown shoes and a brown belt or black shoes and a black belt. It’s suited for a variety of events without seeming stiff or stuffy. It’s both traditional and fashionable.

Suits Every Man Should Have In His Collection

A basic, high-quality two-button blue suit may be dressed up for a wedding, maintained formal for a job interview, or worn as part of your daily work armor. Choose a lightweight to medium weight fabric that will allow you to wear it all year.

Lounge suit

Suits Every Man Should Have In His Collection
via Wikimedia Commons/Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Public domain

The lounge suit also known as a business suit when sober in color and style is the most prevalent kind of Western suit as an aspect of informal dress code. Because of the changes in design, cut, and material, such as two- and three-piece, or single- and double-breasted, it’s ideal for a wide range of social and business functions.

Slim Fit Suit

The slim fit suit holds an important place among all the suits every man should have in his wardrobe. A premium men’s slim-fit suit cuts away extra textiles in the same way as a decent exercise trims away excess fat. This sort of men’s suit provides a trendy, form-fitting design suit that is thin at the chest and waist but not to the point of restricting blood flow. While narrow fit suits and athletic builds appear to be an easy match, the fact is that the slim fit appearance can be worn by a wide range of male body types.

Suits Every Man Should Have In His Collection

That’s because the slim fit men’s suit, while faithful to the body’s natural curves, frequently falls short in emphasizing definition. Suit jackets often bring just enough sleekness down without revealing too much of what’s truly going on below.

Double-Breasted Suit

Suits Every Man Should Have In His Collection
via Wikimedia Commons/BNTailor

A double-breasted suit is not needed, but if you want to take your attire to the next level, there will be moments when a little swagger is required. A double-breasted suit with texture or patterns will make a strong statement and set you apart from ‘Mr. Average Office Worker.’ In other words, you will undoubtedly experience the ‘Celebrity Walking Down The Street’ moment.

Dress coat

Suits Every Man Should Have In His Collection

Dress coats have been used only for formal evening occasions since the 1850s. A dress coat is waist length in the front and sides, with two long tails that extend to the knees in the back. On the inside, there is sometimes a pocket for gloves.

Notch Lapel

The notch lapel, a fixture on single-breasted jackets and possibly the most popular style of suit lapel, is characterized by a noticeable indent where the collar meets the lapel. The notch lapel, as the most adaptable of lapel designs, is equally at home in the boardroom as it is in the cocktail club. If you’re undecided about which men’s lapel style to go with, this is your best bet.

Casual or Patterned Suit

You might not think of it right away, but a patterned suit is another casual design that you can maintain and wear forever. Consider a pinstripe suit, the sophisticated Prince of Wales pattern, or even a traditional plaid tweed combo. You just can’t go wrong with the patterned suit, as seen by all of the prominent leading men and international leaders who’ve dressed it over the years, up to and including today. If you’re concerned about the heat in Singapore, choose anything half-lined and made of lightweight wool, or even linen in light gray, blue, or beige. That way, you may appear as put-together as you do the rest of the year while yet feeling as relaxed as you would in a t-shirt and shorts.

Unstructured Blazer

Some guys believe that inner padding and fashionable jackets are inextricably linked. The men’s unstructured blazer, on the other hand, is here to change such preconceived beliefs. The unstructured blazer breaks away from conformity and restraint by eliminating the internal padding, resulting in a relaxed fit and a relatively laid back look.

The unstructured blazer, which is often made of a single layer of cloth, is great for spring and summer use since it lifts the weight off the body. The goal is to select an unstructured blazer that embodies both your sartorial style and your fun-loving personality. Maintain a loose but not too loose fit.

these were the 8 suits every man should have in his classic, timeless collection. Which one’s do you already own? Tell us in the comments below!

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