This Is The Reason You’d Be Sent To Azkaban

Ah! Heart-ripping, soul-numbing Azkaban. Sirius escaped, but would the dementors let us go? 

The prison in the magical world of Harry Potter is the most cruel place you could be at, but, wait… 

Why am I there in the first place?

We know, we know. And very soon, you’ll understand the reason you are behind those bars, doomed by the dementors. All you have to do is answer these questions. Believe us, what will be revealed is the real reason you’d be in Azkaban were you in the world of the trio

  1. 1 What's your favourite flavour of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans?

    1. Snake skin
    2. Rat's poop
    3. Burnt lizard
    4. Ear wax
  2. 2 You would use the Philosopher's Stone to...

    1. Get rich
    2. Be immortal
    3. Get powerful
    4. I would keep it so that no one can use it
  3. 3 Your favourite thing to do at Hogsmeade...

    1. Drink butterbeer
    2. Explore the village
    3. Be at the Joke shop
    4. Be at Ollivanders
  4. 4 Your broom of choice is...

    1. Nimbus 2000
    2. Nimbus 2001
    3. Firebolt
    4. Thunderbolt
  5. 5 Your Patronus is...

    1. A doe
    2. A dog
    3. A cat
    4. An eagle
  6. 6 The best place to be at during the holidays is...

    1. The Burrow
    2. Hogwarts. It is my home.
    3. Bulgaria, looking at dragons
    4. The muggle world
  7. 7 The best way to reach Diagon Alley is...

    1. With Hagrid
    2. Shoo powder
    3. Diagonally
    4. Um, on foot
  8. 8 Your favourite professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts?

    1. Professor Lupin
    2. Professor Moody
    3. Professor Snape
    4. Professor Lockhart

This Is The Reason You'd Be Sent To Azkaban

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  1. Quiz result

    You stole the Sorting Hat

    Curious, very curious. You are rotting in Azkaban because you stole the Sorting Hat. Yes, it was not as grave as outing James and Lily to the Dark Lord, but it was a grave mistake nonetheless. We assume you were not as delighted with your own house. Tch. Tch

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  2. Quiz result

    You killed a Unicorn

    Why did you? You are well aware that this magical creature is rare, and when you hurt it, it suffers. And still you killed it, only to be immortal? But, oh, is it not half a life? This is sad. You made a terrible mistake, and now your fate will be sealed with a dementor's kiss.

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    You used the Forbidden curses.

    They are called forbidden for a reason. Not even Harry, or Ronz or even Free or George used it at the battle of Hogwarts. Then why did you? Were you not aware of its implications once the battle would be won? This is terrible. Are you soulless now that you have been in Azkaban for years?

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  4. Quiz result

    You were on the good side.

    Your only fault was your honesty. During the battle of Hogwarts, you aided Dumbledore's Army. But, as fate would have it, in this universe, we lost. The Dark Lord sent you to Azkaban with a hundred others. We are so sorry.

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