A Beginner’s Guide To Attack On Titan

For years before its anime adaptation was released, Attack on Titan was a manga-only fan favourite. Created by Hajime Isayama when he was merely 20 years old, Attack on Titan’s anime counterpart produced first by Wit Series and then by MAPPA has since earned a special place in our open minds. The anime series began in 2013 and ran for four seasons, till 2021.  Season 4, part 2 is still due. 

And if you’re someone who hasn’t watched it yet and wants to get into it now, go through our guide to understand how the show works and heighten your experience. We have summed up the plot, the setting, the characters and some important keywords you’ll need to know in order to understand the series.

Happy watching!

The setting

Over a century ago, humanoid giants called titans emerged on earth. They like eating people. 

A Beginner's Guide To Attack On Titan

To save themselves from the brink of extinction, humans built three layers of walls. The anime centers on a civilisation inside these walls. 

Attack on Titan Glossary of Terms

The walls

Wall Maria: the outermost wall in the layer of the three walls 

Wall Rose: the middle wall in the layer of the three walls 

Wall Sheena: the innermost wall in the layer of the three walls

The military hierarchy

Military Police Regiment: the primary police force; the branch of military assigned to the king for his protection 

Garrison Regiment: the branch of the military responsible for patrolling and protecting the walls 

Scout Regiment: the only branch of military that carries out outside operations and comes in direct contact of the titans

Meet ’em, greet ’em, eat ’em

Now that humans have built secure walls around them, they live happily for a century in a prison of their own making. Inside wall Marialive commoners and blue collar workers, inside the premises of wall Rose live the higher class, and within wall Sheena resides the royalty.  Until a strong group of titans called the Colossus tears a hole in the outermost wall. Humanity is in danger of extinction again. 

A Beginner's Guide To Attack On Titan

The only way to save people is to kill the titans – a thing only achieved by slicing through its nape with two blades with an exact measurement of 1.1m. Which is much, much easier said than done. And because the monsters are as long as 5-15 m, humans don’t really stand a chance against them. 

Herein comes our hero, Eren Yeager. Eren’s mother was eaten by titans, so he has sworn to avenge her murder. He enlists in the military along with his friends to eradicate the gluttonous humanoids.


1. Eren Yeaser:

A Beginner's Guide To Attack On Titan

The protagonist who grew up dreaming of life outside the walls. However, after his traumatic experience, he loses his innocence and becomes a fiery, focused young man who wants to wipe out titans. Member of the Scout Regiment. 

2. Mikasa 

A Beginner's Guide To Attack On Titan

Eren’s family had taken her in at a young age, and since then Mikasa feels indebted to protect Eren. She’s a badass fighter and has surpassed Eren in hand-to-hand combat. Member of the Scout Regiment.

3. Ermin:

A Beginner's Guide To Attack On Titan

Ermin is the brains of the trio: the strategist and the planner. Every now and then, though, he’s self critical and finds himself too frozen to act. Member of the Scout Regiment.

4. Captain Levi:

A Beginner's Guide To Attack On Titan

A favourite among everyone who has watched or read Attack on Titan, Levi is governed by the supreme sense of duty. He has carved up titans in unbelievable displays of violence. Member of the Scout Regiment.

5. Erwin:

A Beginner's Guide To Attack On Titan

Erwin is the epitome of leadership. He’s the perfect commander, always two steps ahead, even when it’s not apparently visible. Member of the Scout Regiment.

6. Hange:

A Beginner's Guide To Attack On Titan

The upbeat, geeky commander Hange cares more about studying the titans, researching them and devising weapons to destroy them. Member of the Scout Regiment.

The story and the visuals get gory at times, but Attack on Titan provides comic relief to viewers that allows them to sit tight and wait for the next surprise. 

Without a doubt, the anime stands up to its reputation and does it justice. Are you ready to watch it now?

For latest updates, follow Attack on Titan’s official Instagram handle: https://instagram.com/attackontitan?utm_medium

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