A Never-ending Cake To Honour Evergreen Friendships

Yeah, it’s one of those statements where you had them in the first half, right? A never-ending cake? Sounds amazing, almost heavenly. And it’s taking over the world. But ‘taking over the world’? Well, yeah, you heard that right! Herman cake, also popular as a ‘friendship cake’, is a bit different from our ordinary cakes. It exhibits the core value of ‘sharing is caring’ along with the power of immortality!

What is this otherworldly cake?

Well, it’s not exactly an extraterrestrial cake, but it surely is something unusual. Herman cake is basically a starter or mixture that you take care of for ten days. It contains yeast and lactic acid bacteria, so that covers the part about how it’s “usable after so long”. You simply take care of the mixture, name it after your friend if you want. Add your ingredients on the 10th day and voila! Your friendship cake is ready!

A Never-ending Cake To Honour Evergreen Friendships
Wikimedia Commons / Wildfeuer

How is it ‘Never Ending’?

Taking care of this Herman mixture plays a vital role in this bit. The mixture is not kept in a fridge but is simply covered with a tea cloth. It keeps on growing due to the yeast. Bubbles are important to know that it is still alive. On the 4th day, a few ingredients are added, and the same is done on the 8th day. On the 9th day, you divide up the mixture into any number of parts you want.

A Never-ending Cake To Honour Evergreen Friendships

Every part is passed on to a friend, while one is held back. Well, the chain of friendship from your side is completed here. This also summarises why the cake is called a ‘friendship cake’. You make your part of the mixture while your friends do the same procedure with their parts. And yeah, this also means that they will have to pass some parts to their friends at the end. Get it? It’s a never-ending cake!

So what are the magical steps?

A Never-ending Cake To Honour Evergreen Friendships

There is no magic actually. Just science doing its thing with the help of yeast and acid. This is also a really, really easy cake recipe even kids can try.

The steps to prepare this cake are usually given along with the passed-on mixture. All you have to do is follow the steps. And, of course, take care of the mixture so that the yeast doesn’t die. Additional ingredients like milk, sugar, and flour are also part of the game. The final cake that is to be based on the 10th day can be modified accordingly. Depending on your likes and dislikes, you can add a variety of ingredients like chocolate, nuts, berries, etc. Well, that was simple, right?

Follow this recipe to make your own!

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