Aesthetics For Your Brand And Customer

We’ve spent too much time on our phones and if there’s anything we’ve successfully managed to do is blow all our money buying skincare products and cosmetics. We shouldn’t be left alone, unmonitored with our phones because we end up contributing to the already existing hole in our pockets.

Aesthetics For Your Brand and Customer.

In this process, I have also learned the subtle art of laughing and crying at the same time. Although, on most occasions, I feel an extraordinary amount of satisfaction when I spend my money on skincare products and cosmetics. We’ve attached great value to how we appear on the outside and I’d be lying if I said I don’t like to take care of my skin and do makeup. As long as it’s not hurting anyone (besides my bank account, of course), all is hunky-dory.

I believe, all things, (sometimes like human beings) need to appear beautiful, or else we will, in all probability, discard them. This is just how we’re wired to react. It’s the most selfish, yet the most incredible way human beings can be defined.

Aesthetics For Your Brand and Customer.

I’ve understood that little things bring the most happiness. For example, the sight of the delivery man walking inside my apartment with my order has become one of my favorite sights. Furthermore, it’s safe to say that each one of us is exceedingly thrilled to rip open our orders and if the packaging looks good, it’s a double treat. Major cosmetic brands have now hired packaging designers for this job and they’re also being paid hefty, outlandish amounts. The packaging of the product is of gigantic importance.

Major cosmetic brands pay extra attention to details and minor technicalities to know just how to woo their customers and win their undying loyalty. In order to win the hearts of their customers, these brands understand their audience. Understanding the audience base is important because it’s important to know what they expect out of you. Defining your customer is important as it helps in serving them right. While these brands define their customer base, they also keep in mind the idea or the brand statement of their brand. A brand statement helps in giving concrete shape to the idea behind a certain cosmetic product.

Aesthetics For Your Brand and Customer.

These products are sold at high-end boutiques or luxury shops, or general stores for cosmetics, or online! Brands identify where they’re going to be selling these products. Would they place them on the shelves? Or present them online? In every case, the brands know just how to sell their products whether online or offline. These products have to appear beautiful wherever they are placed.

The design of the packaging includes customized fonts too. These include customized fonts and line drawings. Line drawings are outlined, vague sketches on many boxes of cosmetic products. This is a rather minimal, yet suited aesthetic. Some boxes also have outstanding patterns on them. These boxes might have it, but there could be an outer bag that is generally not as flashy. It creates a balance and soothes the eye of the audience. Minimalistic pastel shades are in vogue. They add a very subtle touch to the products. Brands like Ordinary and other leading brands play with minimal shades and it’s a statement in itself.

Aesthetics For Your Brand and Customer.

 Less is more, they say and we can agree with them. Sticking to standard colors like black, white, grey, is another way brands set their products apart. Black and white are very bold colors and it adds definition to these products. Innisfree is a brand that sticks to using just one color. They use green for most of their products and some other products have blue and purple as their standard shades. Some brands have also used floral design for their packaging.

A perfume that has a fruity hint usually has loud floral designs or colors like lavender, pink, orange, red- that are usually not so subtle. It defines what they’re selling and will eventually appeal to those who’re looking at it.

Aesthetics For Your Brand and Customer.

Brands also include information that’s significantly necessary to put. A brand that’s vegan or cruelty-free will be marked that way. The brands have to mention it as the customer base is looking to gather every information they can while picking cosmetics. It needs to be ‘safe enough’ for them to use.

Primetime Instagram influencers while advertising a product mention the packaging. It’s not just a trend but it’s also opened up a new segment, a club for creativity to flow. Packaging of the products needs to suit the product. A simple logo of the brand on a product might not sit very well with customers. We like to see colors and creativity. Major brands like Dior and Armani choose to take the minimal road as they’re already established, but brands as they’re slowly coming up, need to make makeup and skincare more fun. This is the reason why they won’t leave a stone unturned while creating and selling their products.

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