Aphrodisiac Foods For A Better Love Life: Real Or Myth?

There are certain foods found to increase your desire, with their ‘feel good’ and antioxidant elements that add spice to your love life. Aphrodisiac foods like chilli pepper will enhance bodily sensations and fruits like cherries, pomegranates, figs and strawberries will improve blood circulation. Foods like oysters, asparagus and figs are aphrodisiac foods that benefit your intimate body parts.

Aphrodisiac Foods

Aphrodisiac foods will stimulate your love senses – sight, smell, touch and taste. An aphrodisiac diet is a simple way of eating what makes in the mood for love. These foods have been found to have the power to stimulate sensual desires. An aphrodisiac diet is not proven to stimulate the sexual organs but can help stimulate the desire in the body. It will be good for you and your partner including aphrodisiac foods in your diet, to enjoy sensual sex.

You can choose from five types of unproven aphrodisiac diet, depending on how you want to stimulate your sensual moods. If you are already hot, you can go for foods like chilli or curry to arouse your passion and lettuce or purslane leaves to chill your passion. Certain foods that resemble human sexual organs like oysters and some fruits and root vegetables like carrots are believed to stimulate sensual desire. Reproductive eggs like bird eggs and fish roe and reproductive organs like animal genitals are considered to be good to increase sexual desire and potency.

Aphrodisiac Foods

Most of the exotic foods that are considered rare and expensive are also believed to be erotic. Potatoes and cocoa were once considered sexually exciting, but they became less popular with their wide availability. Food that stimulates your sight, smell, taste and touch senses are also considered to stimulate your senses and are also thought to stimulate your passion.

Aphrodisiac foods are identified not only by shape and appearance, but any smooth, rich, creamy, exotic and spicy are thought to stimulate elicit sensuality. If you are planning for a romantic dinner, it won’t go wrong if you go for aphrodisiac foods. Every food that you had during a pleasurable sexual encounter in the past is considered an aphrodisiac food that stimulates your sensual passion.

The characteristics like good shape and size, is an exotic and rare addition to an aphrodisiac diet and is considered to make you way sexier. Foods that stimulate sex with a whisper is appreciated more as aphrodisiac over that with a shout. You can serve your partner with food with characteristics that remind them of a body part.

The Placebo Effect

Aphrodisiac Foods

The change that the aphrodisiac food brings you is the placebo effect, which is the therapeutic effect from the belief of the impression that an active substance like a sugar pill is helping. When you eat an aphrodisiac food like raw oysters the thinking that it helps boost your sex drive and stamina will have a powerful effect.

The Power Of Scent

Aphrodisiac Foods

Foods with a suggestive power of scents like chocolate chip cookies, bread, or apple pie baking are believed to have a great effect in spicing up your love life. The anticipation of your favourite food tantalising your taste buds will fill its vision in your mind. The scents of your favourite food can bring you memories or feel from pleasurable past experiences. It has been found in a study that the scent of baked cinnamon buns, pumpkin pie and lavender makes men respond more powerfully than to any perfume while scents like liquorice candy, cucumber and banana nut bread.

How To Choose An Aphrodisiac Dinner

If you are thinking about spicing up your love for the romantic evening tonight, you can also go for a dinner that favours with sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. You can for a relaxed and seductive atmosphere with lit candles or a fireplace, and select dishes that suggest sex and seduction to you and your partners. A musical setting on piano concerts or steamy jazz will sensually complement your sex date. You should also sound your ways to express your feelings for your partner. The sense of touch can add up a lot of spice to your romantic evening. One of the great ways to stimulate the sense of touching is to choose finger foods that let you involve you and your partner in touching each other. The sense of touch while having food tantalises and arouses your sense.

Aphrodisiac Foods

When it comes to ensuring the aphrodisiac food to be complete you should serve it in small portions, so that it will stimulate your taste buds. You should be careful while going for strong or spicy foods as it can backfire. It is ideal to go for a subtly sweet or semi-sweet dessert over one that is too sweet. The most important thing that makes a food aphrodisiac is when it makes you and your partner wanting for more.

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