Top Five Strangest Cat Breeds You Didn’t Know About

Cats are adorable but not everyone feels like that. That’s exactly why we are here. These cat breeds will break all your perceptions about what cats should be like, in a good way of course!

black kitten sticking it tongue

American bobtail

American bobtails are adorable! They are intelligent and humble and are one of the most interactive and friendly cats (we know all cats are not interactive). They love humans and adjust well. They are not your ordinary cats. They play a lot, like dogs and are really amiable. American bobtail gets its name from the fact that it has a naturally occurring bobtail. It has a powerful look and wild appearance but rest assured, no wild temperament.

File:Mekong bobtail kittens tabby point.jpg
Wikimedia Commons/Alex Opryatin


This is a rare cat breed found in france. Chartreux are lovely cats and are softies. They are great family pets. It is a large cat with a small limb structure. They do not meow the way others do. They are friendly and get used to surrounding and ghuman easily but are silent and quiet cats. Although, this doesn’t mean they can’t communicate. The face features and structure makes them appear smiley all the time. They have exquisite characteristics and are absolutely gorgeous!

File:British Shorthair cat. Female. 18 months old.jpg
Wikimedia Commons/George E. Koronaios

Devon Rex Cat

These cats are smart. With elongated ears and short ears, they simply melt your heart.  Devon Rex Cats are very intelligent and can learn complex tasks. They have a lifespan of around 13  years. They have wavy coats that are delicate and shaped. Devons are curious and active cats and won’t ever leave your side. They are friendly and obviously get along with kids really well.

File:Devonrex cat.jpg
Wikimedia Commons/Freestyle nl

Sokoke cat

Sokoke cat breeds are domestic but have a wild look. It is a graceful cat with muscular structure. They are adventurous and lively cats and are evolutionary hunters. They are absolutely adorable and keep tumbling here and there. They love water and can go dipping anytime you want! They are good with kids but take time in adjusting. They are social and amiable and you would love them.

Sokoke dalili.jpg
Wikimedia Commons/ Original uploader SHD at English Wikipedia

Scottish Fold Cat Breed

This is a genetically dominant breed. They are sweet and nice and mingle well with humans. They are really popular and celebrities like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran have been their owners too. They get their name from their downward and backward folded ears. 

File:Scottish fold.jpg
Wikimedia Commons/

Next time you decide to get a cat, try these unconventional ones and be amazed!

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