Apple Improves AppleCare: What’s New?

A lot of people might agree with me that AppleCare is a legit god gift. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have damaged my phone due to some weird shenanigan that either I or my friends took pleasure in doing (even though we know someone will end up breaking a bone or two). Somehow got your Apple device slammed across the hall on a wall? Don’t worry AppleCare has got you covered. Got your device brutally tortured by your pet? AppleCare has got you covered again.

Apple Improves AppleCare: What's New?

Moving on from the unnecessary details let me fill you in with some of the improvements that Apple made. In early August, Apple changed its AppleCare+ policies in the USA and Canada. They ensured that the consumers could purchase AppleCare up to a year after their purchase of the device had been made. This looks like a brilliant input as it not only gives consumers time to purchase AppleCare but also to think over the fact if they really need the plan or not. 

AppleCare+ includes AppleCare i.e. one year warranty that covers all the issues and problems with the device. Along with this, you get 90 days of free phone support (can your life be any simpler?). This entire package is free of cost and comes along with your Apple product, no matter where or when you buy it. AppleCare+ adds a whole another year and accidental damage coverage. So now the Apple consumers get an extra year of warranty (an extra two years for Macs), two years of free phone support (an extra year for Macs), and accidental damage coverage (excluding the Apple TV).

Apple Improves AppleCare: What's New?

It is very imperative to know the difference between AppleCare and AppleCare+. I know many people (I am people) who have mistaken them to be one and the same and they end up paying either way too much than what they intended to or end up getting the older version for the money they spent. Generally, you get 60 days from the purchase date to buy AppleCare+ (only 30 days if you’re anywhere in Japan). If you want to buy an AppleCare+ after the 60 day period is over, you can bring the device to an Apple store for its inspection for up to a year after the purchase is done. 

AppleCare is actually transferable! Not really though. It’s not like your remaining apple plan will automatically transfer to your new Apple device. I meant physically. If you sell an Apple product before its plan expires, the buyer gets the remaining protection coverage. To transfer the AppleCare+ plan you have to provide the buyer with the proof of the purchase of the device (receipt), contract, and the plan confirmation. This little upgrade can work in favour of the buyer. Imagine getting a purchased plan for free! 

Apple Improves AppleCare: What's New?

There is a special AppleCare+ with the ‘Theft and Loss plan’. But it is only for the iPhone and no other product lines of Apple. This plan allows for 2 incidents of accidental damage, theft, or even loss coverage. A lot of people might have bought the AppleCare+ in haste or under any other circumstances. If they wish to cancel the plan, they must do so within the 30 days of the purchasing plan. If you don’t, well, then you’re stuck with an expensive plan that you bought while you were either knocked out or just thought of it as a comfortable option.

Apple Improves AppleCare: What's New?

The AppleCare+ plan for the laptop is cheaper than the AppleCare+ plan for an iPad. The same plan is also suitable for an Apple watch. Although the Apple watches are built tough, if you are accident prone and wish to have an AppleCare+ plan, do not hesitate. This plan will cover it for you. 

Apple Improves AppleCare: What's New?

If you are worried about your iMac, don’t worry! AppleCare+ has got you covered here too. The plan itself extends from its original warranty i.e. from one year to three years, which will cover you for those defects that aren’t your fault. AppleCare+ also includes 2 incidents of accidental damage per year (I might be lying if I tell you that these ‘accidents’ have occurred more than 5 times with me) for a lower service fee.

Another great advantage of buying the AppleCare Protection Plan is that any user who purchases this plan with any Mac computer is automatically entitled to receive coverage for some of the other Apple-related accessories (BRB, Gotta own a Mac!). 

Apple Improves AppleCare: What's New?

Apple has come up with various smart ways to keep a consumer happy. AppleCare has managed to help the customers exactly at the right moment with the right answers without holding back. Take it from me, it does wonders. All these plans have, in some way or the other, helped the buyers, purchasers, consumers or sellers with a high advantage of having a Protection Plan. The Protection Plan not only has a long time warranty but also a Loss and Theft Plan which not a lot of companies with so many advantages give out. At the end of the day, you have to be honest with yourself whether or not the accidental damage and theft or loss plans should be in your pocket or not. If you are anything like me, I’d say the upgrades thrown into AppleCare are no less than a splendid gift. It might also be a safer choice to own it because you never know what situations you might come in your way (weird antics) and your Apple products’ way (your pet). In conclusion, the AppleCare upgrade is like an annoyed mom who is tired of your antics but still saves you from the aftermath.  

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