Goat Yoga Is Crazy And Trending! Here’s Why You Should Try It

Before you doubt your reading ability, let me assure you that you read the title correctly. Goat Yoga really does exist. But here’s the catch – While the goats will not teach you how to perform yoga, they will play and cuddle with you whilst you perform yoga. I know! What a crazily unique idea! 

Goat Yoga Is Crazy And Trending! Here’s Why You Should Try It

To quench your curiosity, let me fill you in on what exactly is Goat Yoga. It is a popular trend wherein goats play with you during a yoga class. So don’t be surprised if you are performing a plank position and a baby goat hops onto your back. It is actually quite normal. They just want to play or burp in your face (that has happened a lot).

Goat yoga was first experimented with within the USA in 2015 and it slowly spread across the entire country with more and more people willing to try it out. A huge percentage of people, who wanted to get away from the city and spend some time with themselves and animals, tried out goat yoga. The results they felt were astonishing. Not only did they feel happier but also relaxed and calm. All thanks to the adorable baby goats.

This crazy form of yoga makes it even more fun and fulfilling. Being with the animals awakens a sense of nurturing and love which makes us feel more happy and content.  Poses, such as the plank, bridge, wheel, etc., seem to please the goats the most because the minute you get into the position, they immediately hop on your back and stand there until you shift your position. Don’t be surprised if you see a goat staring right into your soul while you are trying to keep calm and meditate. 

You might wonder who exactly goat yoga is for? Anyone who wants to try yoga or has been performing yoga can participate. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a master; goats welcome everyone with open arms. Goats are trained naturally to strike a perfect posture, imagine being trained by the posture perfectionists! Sign me up for that class! Goat yoga does not only bring happiness and a relaxed mind but also maintains blood pressure and improves the heart’s health. 

One of the main reasons I’d love to try goat yoga would be because I don’t have a pet (unfortunately). So performing yoga with goats? Heck yeah! At least I can have a pet for an hour. I would choose this class over lying on my couch doing absolutely nothing any day. 

Goat yoga is also very helpful for people who suffer from loneliness and anxiety. Animals are said to be the readers of emotions. The time people spent on worrying over trivial matters soon turns into a memorable moment. This causes a spike in one’s serotonin (the happy hormone). Goats can be very distracting when they want to be. They will stand on your back, take a peek at you while you want to focus on a pose you can’t maintain to save a life. Who knows? The yoga class might even turn into a laughter therapy session.

Goat yoga is a must-try because it will rejuvenate your lost strength and help keep your mind crystal clear. To top all this, goat yoga is usually conducted in open spaces, in the midst of nature. This adds more positivity to your thoughts. I was sold the minute I came to know about the cuddles you get from the baby goats. I mean who wouldn’t want that? 

A lot of people think of goat yoga as a weird and awkward form of exercise but in reality, it is light-hearted and peaceful. Of course, you get the dose of laughter every now and then because of all the antics the baby goats pull. Yoga is not just about being serious about your exercises. It is also about the state of mind we are left in after completing it. 

There are so many people who maintain a poker face and try really hard to perfect their posture, and they do so by straining their bodies. This form of yoga will hardly take you anywhere.

Goats will not only perfect your posture but also make you laugh and feel warm which is just as important as having a perfect posture while performing yoga. All these reasons and more come under the fact that goat yoga is a very helpful tool in maintaining your mental and physical health. 

Would you like to participate in a goat yoga class? Let us know in the comment section below! Also read: 7 Yog-asanas That A Fitness Freak Cannot Miss On

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