Are Chimpanzees Better Gamers Than Kids?

Will you be really surprised if the scientists proved that the chimps can outsmart a kid? I mean, Chimpanzees are considered to be one of the smartest animals among all. Keeping that in mind it’s not as surprising as you think that there is a high chance of a chimp being a better performer than a kid! Chimpanzees share almost 99 percent of our DNA along with sharing some of our brainpower too, which, without a doubt makes them one of the closest relatives of humans!

 With this fact under consideration, it’s only common for scientists to find ways to see how far a chimp can go, right? Well, one such example which, by the way, also answers the experiment of the chimps being smart in the clearest way, was performed on the chimpanzees from the Language Research Center at Georgia State. The test was really simple, they simply made four chimpanzees compete with humans in gaming. Yes, you heard that right, no kidding but the chimps aced the gaming so good that in some parts they even out-ran the adults involved in the game!

Are Chimpanzees Better Gamers Than Kids?

 The humans involved in this experiment were 12 children with an age variation of 3 to 12 while the number of adults involved was 4. Panzee, who is 22 years old female chimpanzee, outshined these 12 children and 4 adults in this virtual-reality computer game when it came to a complex maze. The performance of the chimpanzees was similar to the ones that were given by the children between the age group of 3 to 6. I mean, I’m not saying that Rise Of The Planet Of Apes is gonna happen for real but they sure can beat the kids in some complex tasks for sure! The best performer praise that was given to Panzee was basically due to her intelligence, the testimony of which was her performance where she took a shorter route to get the prize in the game, and not just the kids but she beat the adults too when it came to this one! The girl sure got a sharp brain!

  The treats given to each participant was sweet and simple, nothing too big for both the species, however, the number of training sessions which were given to the humans and the chimps were varied depending on the fact that the chimps had a prior experience with the joystick and similar virtual reality games.

Are Chimpanzees Better Gamers Than Kids?

 Another amazing factor besides the games was how well these chimps understand when it comes to basic communications, as according to the scientists working with them, these chimps are smart enough to deny or accept something offered to them by nodding their heads or refusing! I mean after the fact that they are literally beating the humans in computer games, this head-nodding fact is kinda dull but it still does not cancel out the fact that it must be a sight to watch seeing the cute chimps communicate like that!

 Well, after the experiment the point of the chimps being one of the smartest animals is surely much clearer. Well, I know what I just said seems quite unrealistic so here is a video similar to our contest above that will help you accept the fact of these animals being really smart. Watch this video of this smart ape, Kanzi, who is enjoying himself playing the famous game of Pacman, who has also mastered the language board and stone tool-making! Impressive right? I don’t know about you guys but I sure would like to meet these amazing apes and chimps, I mean why not, they are acing games which I’m sure even I can’t beat! 

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