Are We All Just A Cake Or Is Cake Everywhere?

What has the world come to? It looks like 2020 is being reigned by cakes. But compared to the Pandora’s Box that this year is, this proves to be a delectable and quirky surprise. From fruits and bathing soap to Crocs footwear and Coca Cola can, CAKE IS EVERYWHERE! Watching these videos would make you crave for some realistic cakes that actually look like some of your favourite items. Talk about Serendipity!

Expert chefs and food artists from around the world have come up with their creativity by making surprising objects out of cakes. Here are the 5 popular videos of the realistic cakes on Twitter that have already taken the world by surprise.

This video of this lifelike cake tweeted on July 8 by Tasty on Twitter credits the hyperrealistic cakes to the Turkish food artist Tuba Geckil, , who posted the video on Instagram. The video with the simple yet definitive caption — “These Are All Cakes” has become one of the most popular realistic cake videos on the Internet with nearly 150,000 retweets and over 337,000 likes. The video displays clever replicas of many accessories like crocs footwear, toilet paper, plant pot, bathing soap along with their making video. Most of the viewers were prompted to ask the question, “What if we’re all just cake too?”

Another popular video in the series of realistic cakes was tweeted as a reply by Alex to a retweet by Natalie on a video titled “unbelievable cake”. The uncaptioned video consists of realistic cakes prepared every day during the week. Who would have thought that cakes can also be in the shape of a human hand, a rat or a can of Campbell’s Soup? The video went viral on Twitter with over 10 million views, 17.8K retweets and comments and 34.3K likes making Alex popular all over the world.

This popular realistic cake video is tweeted by Natalie Sideserf, the American artist and celebrity chef specializing in hyper-realistic cake sculpting techniques. The video includes realistic cakes of brinjal, burger, pastry, lemons, onions, oyster, apple, capsicum, pasta and pomegranate. Natalie tweeted the video as a reply to the popular tweet of a video titled “unbelievable cake” by Maureen Monahan with the caption “I literally make cakes like this for a living so this really speaks to me”. The video received 15 million views, 32.1K retweets and comments and 57.5K likes. If only brinjals were like cake, I would have started eating healthy!

This video tweeted by The Cheating Vegan has a weird ongoing debate attached to it. The video titled “Pancakes for Breakfast” garnered huge popularity with over 9.3 million views, 14K retweets and comments and 32.4K likes. The Debate in point – Many viewers retweeted the video by satirically saying that they expected it to be a rather realistic cake, but on the other hand, some people are saying that it is technically a realistic cake as it is a pancake.

Food Insider tweeted this video of various realistic cakes created by Mark Perkins, executive pastry chef at Rosewood Hotel in London. The video shows how he makes realistic cakes with some advanced techniques in the bakery at the Rosewood Hotel. The video shows the preparation of a pool ball realistic cake made of salted caramel mousse and chocolate sponge filled with caramel and dipped in chocolate. He also prepares the pork pie cake made with an almond sponge topped with raspberry jelly and wrapped in icing.

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