Gadgets In My Bathroom!

The world isn’t our playground anymore. Nor is it our stage. It was until our homes took over the throne. With people going to all extremes in order to make the most of their living rooms, why should the bathroom be left behind? It is after all where we come up with most of our creative ideas. Here’s a list of 7 gadgets you could adore your bathroom space with. All roads lead to the washroom!

Waterproof bluetooth speaker

Gadgets In My Bathroom!

Jacked this up right to the top of the list. Do we need to know why? Listening to music in the shower is as intimate an experience as once can get. But it’s also something that fits into the can’t-live-with-can’t-live-without syndrome. Why? For the threat of messing our gadgets with the water and the steam. A waterproof bluetooth speaker to blast the music through the roof is an order. There’s a bunch of them available on the market. Just be careful of bothered neighbours though. 

Mirror wiper

Gadgets In My Bathroom!

Can we have a show of hands from those who could really do with less steam on the mirrors? Unless you’ve got an exhaust fan in the bathroom, you might as well do away with all mirrors. Why choose between a warm, relaxing shower and a clear mirror to ogle yourself in? With a handy wiper that sticks onto your mirror, you’re good to wipe out all your woes!

Motion activated night light

Gadgets In My Bathroom!

This one genuinely got me excited. Given the time we spend in our bathroom on an average, why not bring in the disco? With a toilet bowl night lights, you might just stand at the risk of spending way too much time in the zone. Even by extreme standards. But well, who’s to ask. As long as we’re talking gadgets in the bathroom.

Attachable champagne chiller

Gadgets In My Bathroom!

Ahem. A bit too luxurious. But if we really want to first-class revamp our economy-class washrooms, why not! The attachable champagne chiller we saw is quite the handy steal – just in case you want to sip on some alcohol while unwinding at the end of day. Get a cup holder too, if you will. 

Towel warmer

Gadgets In My Bathroom!

Speaking of flights. As a kid (and probably even now) I used to get pretty excited at the sight of the air hostess getting us warm and moist towels all rolled up, handed out using tongs. Why not enjoy some warm towel therapy in your bathroom? Quite essential, these towel warming and sterilizing machines

Pani smart water monitor

Gadgets In My Bathroom!

We’re talking about luxury anyway. Why not weave in responsibility too? With these smart monitors, you could get the best of both worlds. The handy device sits easily on your taps, shower heads, etc without any plumber around. The device then records the water usage or wastage rather. You could easily view all the recordings on your smartphone. The more adult of the gadgets in the bathroom, no?

Digital shower thermometer

Gadgets In My Bathroom!

I personally hate it when the water runs hot but suddenly runs cold. From the shower. In the middle of the night. The worst. Why fret anymore?  With a 360 degrees rotatable waterproof LED screen, now you don’t have to be running around in shivers with a towel wrapped around. All with a digital shower thermometer. 

Already using some of them? Let us know how well they worked out for you!

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