How Much Do You Know About Asian Halloween Tradition?

We know Halloween is a tradition of the west but did you know different versions of the Halloween tradition prevail in many Asian countries as well. The concept of the dead returning to the land of the living has been prevalent across the globe. Read up to find out!

How Much Do You Know About Asian Halloween Tradition?

Kawasaki Halloween Parade – Japan

This 21 years old tradition in Japan is for Halloween fanatics from across the globe come to Kawasaki for its Halloween parade which is a grand festival in the whole of the country! There are strict guidelines people have to abide by in order to be a part of the festival and the entry is a tough job so if you want in, you have to start prepping long before!

person with skull face paint and umbrella

Pangangaluluwa – The Philippines

Pangangaluluwa is a Philippines tradition where children go from door to door in their costumes, singing and praying for the souls of the dead that are stuck in the purgatory. It sounds like a trick or treat but it’s different and more than that and has esteemed religious importance. 

How Much Do You Know About Asian Halloween Tradition?
Wikimedia Commons/Diego Delso

The Hungry Ghost Festival – Hong Kong

Hong Kong celebrates the Hungry Ghost Festival in the seventh lunar month. People here say that spirits around this time of year become uneasy and begin to roam the place. This Halloween tradition based festival is celebrated to please the ghosts with food and money.

How Much Do You Know About Asian Halloween Tradition?
Wikimedia Commons/Mnb at Chinese Wikipedia.

Pitru Paksha – India

Pitru Paksha is a 16-days observance in Bhadrapada (lunar Hindu month). Hindus believe that one a person dies, he/she is united with their ancestors in a ‘purgatory for souls’. Pitru Paksha is the season when it is believed that the souls of the ancestors from all generations come to Earth to unite with their families. A lot of rituals are involved to ensure a ‘safe’ travel to the purgatory else the soul is believed to wander on Earth. 

How Much Do You Know About Asian Halloween Tradition?
Wikimedia Commons/Firoz Shakir

Pchum Ben – Cambodia

Pchum Ben is a religious festival that Buddhist celebrate for their elderly and dead. People celebrate with lots of food like rice and beans wrapped in banana leaves, visit temples and offer flowers to pay respect! It is a beautiful version of the Halloween tradition.

Wat Preah Chedey Borapaut
Wikimedia Commons/Olaf Tausch 

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