Bizarre Japanese Inventions We Didn’t Know We Needed!

I’m sure you must have come across those gadgets that you never knew you needed until you saw them. When it comes to coming up with some bizarre inventions that change the way of seeing things in an entirely different way, Japan, no doubt, stands in the first place!

Japan never fails to surprise me, whether it be a new anime with a mind-numbing story and the perfect animation or be it a satellite made of wood! They have everything for everyone and probably are the most relied on market that would present such gadgets in front of you that you simply will feel this sudden urge that the world sure is missing a lot by not using these creations on a major level.

Bizarre Japanese Inventions We Didn’t Know We Needed!

Well, to us it might be some random invention but to Japan, it has a proper name, Chindogu. Chindogu is the art of inventing silly gadgets that can solve an ideal situation. These are quite popular and an everyday thing in Japan, other countries, however, still get amazed by these petty inventions that seem so accurate that people instantly start loving them. Well, here are 7 such bizarre Japanese inventions that you didn’t know you needed.

Butter stick

Bizarre Japanese Inventions We Didn’t Know We Needed!

You must have heard about a glue-stick or lipstick but butter-stick? Well, yeah, it might be uncommon to you but butter stick is quite a common product that people use. This brilliant idea is to use butter in the form of a stick just like the concept of lipstick! Yes, this actually allows you to put butter on whatever you want without using a knife or a spoon, basically it’s much easier.

Noodle cooler

Bizarre Japanese Inventions We Didn’t Know We Needed!

This one is by far the best, I mean you basically don’t have to worry about wasting your time to cool those hot noodles down! It’s basically a fan attached to your chopsticks that cools down the hot noodles. I know it sounds bizarre but then it probably is! But works just fine for sure.

Shoe broom and dustpan!

Bizarre Japanese Inventions We Didn’t Know We Needed!

Well, have you come across that tiny bit of irritating dust that is too small for the regular size broom and a dustpan? Seems like that isn’t an issue in Japan, they have a shoe broom and a dustpan for such things! Well it’s a pair of a show with one shoe as a broom and the other as a dustpan, or to be more precise, one show has a broom attached to it while the other with a dustpan!

Lipstick guide

Bizarre Japanese Inventions We Didn’t Know We Needed!

Of course, people usually know how to apply lipstick but just in case you are not familiar with the process, well, worry not because Japan has a lipstick guide for that! It’s basically a rubber mask with a carved out shape of lips. You put it on your face and simply apply the lipstick!

Camera Umbrella

Bizarre Japanese Inventions We Didn’t Know We Needed!

Everyone is worried about their camera being wet in the rain, but not Japan. Japanese took care of this little problem as well, the camera umbrella is basically a small umbrella that can be attached to your camera, keeping it safe from the rain! Now that’s really smart!

Back scratch guide

Bizarre Japanese Inventions We Didn’t Know We Needed!

As bizarre as it sounds, the product itself is very useful. It basically is this small shirt-shaped stencil that has markings on it. These markings help you to tell the exact place on your back where you need a scratch! The rest of the world honestly never knew that this was an actual need until they saw it!

Eye drop funnel glass!

Bizarre Japanese Inventions We Didn’t Know We Needed!

This is something that most people would relate to! The product is a funnel that is according to the size of a human eye that would help you to put your eye drops in the exact middle of the eye!

Well, there is a reason why everyone loves japan. One thing that I’m sure about after seeing these bizarre inventions is that we need a petition to bring these products to other countries as well, as soon as possible! Don’t you agree?

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