Can You Add Extra Cheese And Some Glitter As Well?

A couple of months ago, I watched this show called “Euphoria” and I have to say, it felt like an experience. The show revolved around a 17-year-old girl called Rue, and her peers. This show was extensively discussed in 2019 and I was more than thrilled to contribute and come in contact with this new “virus” in the air. The show discusses everything- from mental illnesses to drugs to teenagers desperately looking to belong somewhere to human toxicity- practically everything that’s not part of our dinner table conversations. But, if there’s something that exceptionally stood out for me, it was the glitter makeup and glitter everything. The glitter makeup was so eccentric and bold and it was symbolic of their struggles. Some were deemed as “fierce”, others “rebelling” and still others, “falling”. It depicted what these characters were going through at that point in the show and I honestly haven’t heard of a better way to portray mental battles. Glitter adds a twist, an edge to things. Rhinestones and glitters never really left us.

Can You Add Extra Cheese And Some Glitter As Well

If you can use glitter for your face, say ‘Hallelujah’ when I say glitter in your belly would feel ten times better. There are no set boundaries or limits to what someone can do and the one who experiments will always stand apart because he DARES to experiment.

Now you can have edible gold glitter beer, rainbow bagels with glittery concoctions, glitter lattes, doughnuts, truffles, and pizza. I’ve had glitter lattes in Bombay and it tastes pretty much the same, but I feel an added sense of pleasure because it is magic in your mouth and who doesn’t like that? I’ve heard of glitter used to make desserts but PIZZA? Not something I was too sure about. Traditional answers to your favorite pizza toppings would be- olive, jalapenos, pepperoni, mushrooms, Pineapple (if you’re a class apart, of course), extra cheese, and everything out of the farm. You might want to reconsider it because the new answer to this question will surely be “edible glitter”, “rainbows”, “unicorn colors”. 

Edible glitter doesn’t melt, so you can use it on your muffins, bread, pizza. Edible glitter is safe to consume but in legitimate, supervised quantities and it shouldn’t be consumed every day. Common ingredients in edible glitter or dust include sugar, acacia (gum arabic), maltodextrin, cornstarch, and color additives specifically approved for food use. This was in case you needed to see big chemical names.

Let’s avoid discussing the mundane and move to the exciting and different. Pizza covered in edible glitter is something we all need at a time like this. We could all use a little bit of glitter food right about now. But if you’re not in the States, then you might just have to travel to get it in your system. The DagWoods Pizza in Santa Monica will definitely seem worth it. DagWoods was founded in 1982 by Miles Mittleman, Terry Simpson, Mitch Alderman, and Ricky Alderman. They were former members of a band and needed a day job to stay put. Mitch and Jay laid the foundation of what DagWood is today. DagWoods has won several awards and is recognized as the ‘it’ place by many celebrities, sports stars, and not to miss, your average friendly neighbor too.

It is known for its sandwiches, homemade pasta, calzones, salads, and wings, besides the edible glitter pizza, of course. This pizza is a simple cheese pizza covered in glitter and they call it the “MagicalAF” pizza. The topping somewhat comprises unicorn colors, a rainbow palette in a way mixed with glitter.

Celebrities like Holly Madison and Jimmy Kimmel have recognized this addition to the Pizza world. MagicalAF found a special mention on Jimmy Kimmel live which is hosted by celebrity and comedian Jimmy Kimmel himself. Holly Madison posted a photo of this cheesy, gooey pizza on her Instagram account. This pizza tastes like any other regular cheese pizza, which means it tastes good. It doesn’t change the taste of the pizza. 

A large MagicalAF pizza is priced at 25$ and it is worth every penny. It’s big enough to be shared amongst your loved ones. You can quickly notice the exterior of this place because it has two pizza slices painted in a manner closely mimicking the trendy “social media angel wings”. Upon entering, you will find a shelf full of games, which will keep you and everyone around you occupied as you wait for the MagicalAF pizza to arrive!

Interestingly, this addition to the menu was going to be temporary, and for a limited time, but it came back by popular demand! The caption for the Instagram post introducing this plate full of magic reads, “Tasting is believing.” Well, you know just where you’re eating when you’re in Santa Monica next. Oh, and they deliver too, so don’t sweat yourself too much (that is if you’re around).

In other news, we might be able to see Euphoria season 2 by the end of next year. Isn’t that just the best slice, oops, piece of news?

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