If You Loved Ebichu, You Are Going To Love These 5 Animes

I think we all remember Ebichu as a cute hamster who could talk and tried to make her owner happy. She was a housekeeper who sometimes embarrassed her owner in front of other people. But more so than not, she helped her owner pick the right decisions and be there for herself first, rather than for her useless boyfriend. Although her mistakes make her receive a slight beating, she remains faithful to her owner. 

Anime such as these are always fun to watch and the accompanying comedy really takes out a day’s stress. So if you are one of those who enjoyed watching Ebichu, here is a list of anime that will ooze off the same vibe as Ebichu. Here are a few names of anime that will not leave you without making you laugh or without melting your heart. Hold on to your seats!

Shiawase – Sou No Okojo – San

If You Loved Ebichu, You Are Going To Love These 5 Animes

After Okojo-san (a feisty ferret) manages to escape from a local pet store, Siawese Apartment is bound to be locked into a tornado of adventure. With long claws and razor-sharp wit, Okojo-san finds ways to pass time with a mouse sidekick. It’s an anime that will make you laugh at all the goofiness and annoyingness Okojo-san puts forward. This anime is filled with humor and melodrama as Okojo-san tries to adjust himself to human society.

Green Green

If You Loved Ebichu, You Are Going To Love These 5 Animes

Settled among the deep mountains, away from isolation, there is a boys-only school that finally (and fortunately for them) will be receiving their first class of girls in an attempt to transform their school into a co-ed one. Since most of these boys have almost never been in contact with a girl, this anime takes note of all ways the hormones of the boys take turns and flips whenever they talk to the girls. It’s filled with humor and has a little bit of romance sprinkled all over the series. At one point, it might just be a bunch of hormonal boys ogling over a bunch of girls but don’t let that get into the way of how fun it actually is when other matters are considered in their personal lives. It is for sure a one time watch. 

My Roommate Is A Cat

If You Loved Ebichu, You Are Going To Love These 5 Animes

This particular anime has my heart. Subaru, a novelist who secludes himself in his apartment writing novels, finds a cat while visiting his parents’ grave. While returning home, he decides to take the cat, Haru, with him. The story revolves around these two and shows the perspectives of both the protagonists. It is so endearing and heartwarming to watch. At one point it will have you wishing for your very own adorable, little Haru! This series truly shows the love between humans and animals and how they understand us and are truly one of our best friends. (P.S. You might cry because of the cuteness overload)

Rilakkuma And Kaoru

If You Loved Ebichu, You Are Going To Love These 5 Animes

This anime series revolves around a woman named Kaoru, who is a hard-working woman living in Tokyo, and her adorable three creatures named Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori. With the help of her roommates, she overcomes stress and anxieties that cross her path almost every day. Although it seems like a show an 8-year-old would watch but when watched closely, you will realize that this anime covers all the problems adults face in their day to day lives. It is beautifully animated and filled with lovable characters. It reminds us that it is okay to take a breather and stop every once in a while. 

Golden Boy

If You Loved Ebichu, You Are Going To Love These 5 Animes

Kintaro Oe has dropped out of law school to look for adventure. An adventure that he finds in a variety of workplaces, such as a computer firm, noodle selling shop, and an animation studio where he shows attitude and sass left and right, leading him into trouble with the opposite gender. Kintaro has to learn to grow and take things seriously now. But don’t worry, this series will not bore you to death in any way, sort or form. Instead, you might even think of joining Kintaro in his weirdness (if you do, good luck).

These are some of the anime that are not only fun to watch but also heartwarming and scales with a lot of life lessons. Such anime show that these animated series/ movies are not only for kids but it spreads across all borders of ages. It blends in with every age group and highlights the parts that you might even relate to in your own life. Pieces of humor and life lessons are for sure in these anime that will not only make it witty but also relatable.  

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