Can Your Old Bra Save A Turtle’s Life?

If you’re just about to throw out your old or unfitting bralette and bra, don’t! Hear us out.

Time and again, we are forced to make the best use of what we’ve got. And if we are willing and ingenious enough, these crafty ideas can be life changing, or, as you will read, life-saving!

On June 25th, 2019, appeared a post on Facebook requesting the donation of old bra closures. This post was made by the Wildthunder Wildlife & Animal Rehabilitation & Sanctuary, a nonprofit located in Independence, Iowa, who had just found an innovative way to mend turtle shells. 

Tracy Belle, the founder and director of Wildthunder Wildlife & Animal Rehabilitation & Sanctuary says that the idea was born out of necessity. A turtle with a cracked shell had just arrived, so Belle used whatever she could find: zip ties, marine epoxy and bra clasps(!!!). She decided to use bra clasps because she needed something to hook the zip ties through.

Here’s something you need to know about cracked turtle shells…

Can Your Old Bra Save A Turtle’s Life?

They are not always damaged beyond repair. Belle says that if the shells still have a good blood flow, they might be salvaged. Now, of course, the marine epoxy will give out and the zip ties will fall away after some time, but the hope is to keep together the shell long enough to heal the wound underneath. 

Wish Kevin knew that!

Why are shells so important for turtles?

Can Your Old Bra Save A Turtle’s Life?

As an armor to a knight, so a shell to a turtle! Shells are practically sheathing for turtles. When they’re cracked or damaged in falls or accidents, the turtles are exposed and may catch infections very quickly. Shells also help turtles stay away from predators. A healthy shell is vital for a turtle.

How can you help?

Can Your Old Bra Save A Turtle’s Life?

The Facebook post asking for bra closure donations was a huge hit! It gained over 140,000 shares, surprising everyone. Even though turtles with minor cracks can be helped with just marine epoxy, it’s a good idea to contact your local rescue homes and donate the closures from your old bras, or just any eye closures you find.

What are some other cool everyday things that can help animals?

Can Your Old Bra Save A Turtle’s Life?

All animals deserve to live a happy life. There are so many things we discard that animals would be super happy to receive. Old towels (to keep them warm and snuggly), unopened foods and treats, collars, cleaning supplies,  plush toys and chew toys are only some of the things that can make good boys and gold girls very, very happy!

Has necessity ever been a mother of your invention in saving your animal friend’s life? Tell us!

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