Carbon Craft Design- A Place Where Pollution Becomes A Resource

As unfortunate as it is, our generation and those before us are all too familiar with the blackened air, dirty water, and melting ice-caps; all a result of pollution. People die by millions every year just from breathing in toxic air and suffering from severe lung diseases and skin infections. I know that you’d rather not be reading about such a negative issue, but awareness is better than ignorance, right?

Carbon Craft Design- A Place Where Pollution Becomes A Resource

With cities like Delhi and Kanpur, it is only natural that India emerges as one of the countries with the worst air quality. And while the degradation of air is a problem that can only be resolved through years of more environment-friendly practices and purifying, we think that this Mumbai-based startup might have come up with the best counter-attack for air pollution.

Carbon Craft Design

Pretty straightforward name, actually. This company is literally crafting and designing carbon extracted from the highly polluted air. And can you guess just what they are creating out of this carbon? It’s okay, I’ll tell you. The product of their creative and sustainable mindset is a beautiful, classy, novel type of floor tile that, honestly, you’ll fall in love with. 

It all started when Indian architect Tejas Sidnal reviewed the contribution of the construction industry to black carbon emissions. As you can guess, it was a LOT. Disturbed by these stats, he launched Carbon Craft Design in 2019 to tackle two problems at once- reducing industry related emissions, and reducing the already existing amount of deadly black carbon from the air. 

How does this magic happen?

Such a high and mighty vision obviously needed a pretty great plan to implement it. Enter Graviky Labs, an Indian company that was already working with carbon soot to create ink. They made a filter that captures carbon soot from diesel exhausts and fossil fuel generators, separates it from other impurities, and leaves a powder-like substance behind. It’s Carbon Craft Design’s turn to shine after that. They mix this carbon with cement and marble waste from quarries to produce handcrafted, high-priced tiles. Sidnal aims to reach a point where this product can become affordable, and more widely distributed, because “sustainability is not only for the elite”.

Where has the Carbon Tile reached?

Carbon Craft Design has gotten pretty creative with their product. They have released multiple design series of the carbon tiles, with patterns that tell stories of cultural identities and even evolutionary adaptations. Displaying such themes on a surface that is largely monochromatic makes it a pretty attractive proposition for sophisticated buyers. Sidnal claims that 1 carbon tile is equivalent to preventing 15 minutes of car pollution. Can you believe it?!

Since its launch, the startup has reached out to firms on the national and global level. An Adidas store in Mumbai took a big step and used carbon tiles to retrofit the entire floor and walls. It was highly praised by the store’s designer, Architect Manan Gala. The company is aiming to start distribution in Europe this year, and we cannot wait to get a glimpse of such sustainable designs in more and more establishments!

Despite challenges like high time and money investments, and problems with standardizing the color of the tile (because pollution level isn’t the same everywhere), Sidnal plans to see his vision through and even wants to start experimenting with furniture, sculptures, and art using this upcycled air pollution. Saving the world one Particulate Matter at a time, I see!

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