Clothing Colour Psychology: What Do These Most Popular Colours Mean And Reflect

I know when you tap around to get some fashion updates or go through a fashion article, you typically don’t expect one with a scientific term. I mean why would you of course, but let’s try for this one. It’s not that complex I promise and might be something that will ultimately help you to dress in various occasions not only keeping in mind the trends but psychology as well! Well, moving on, as the name itself clears, we are going to focus on psychology today, I mean not alone psychology but how it plays a vital role in your dressing and the impression that you leave on others based on the colour of your outfit. So clothing colour psychology is basically something that suggests how important a part the colours play, especially when it comes to clothing. From the colours reflecting our behaviour or mood to those very colours of our outfit leaving an image to the people whom we counter to on a daily basis.

Clothing Colour Psychology: What Do These Most Popular Colours Mean And  Reflect

The main focus according to this theory is about how our mind perceives certain colours the result of which is our actions and emotions based on those colours. It might be that you are hearing the terminology for the first time however the concept in itself is not that new to you or me. The most common example that I can come up with is the colour black which reflects a heavy personality or a solid mood, so you see the entire colour psychology, not just in clothing but in general as well is not new to us, in fact, it has been ingrained in our minds from way before. The way we associate the blue sky with a happy and sunny mood while a grey one with a bit chill or maybe the dull environment.

Point is, that colour psychology and the role of it in clothing is something that has been with humans as they grow over the years and today’s article focuses on some of the most common colours of the world which you might use to leave an impression or reflect your mood from time to time depending on the occasion. So here are the most famous colours around the globe and the clothing colour psychology behind them.


Clothing Colour Psychology: What Do These Most Popular Colours Mean And  Reflect

For those of you who are wondering why isn’t black in the first place? Well, to your surprise and mine, blue is the most preferred colour around the world! Yes, I too was unaware of it but now that we think a bit hard on this fact then it seems so clear. I mean blue is a colour that reflects positivity, the colour temperature of blue is cool and as I just said, blue is something which we always perceive as something trustworthy. From the clear blue skies to the vast open waters. Not to forget the role of denim which has a dynamic effect when it comes to what occasion or place it can go with because the answer would be literally anywhere. Blue can also be the best choice for a business meeting depending on how it creates a sense of trust.


Clothing Colour Psychology: What Do These Most Popular Colours Mean And  Reflect

Red stands in second place after blue when it comes to being preferred. Red is a warm colour and no one can deny the fact that it definitely has that aftereffect to anything that it associates with. Now red is something that has several meanings behind it, it totally depends on where you are wearing it and how the person opposite you will perceive it. It can surely put that sexy touch to your appearance, can come across as confident and self-assured, bold, focused, or passionate but can also be perceived as a threat or rebellious. So be warned! How and where you carry it plays a huge role in what impression that red outfit of yours will leave on others.


Clothing Colour Psychology: What Do These Most Popular Colours Mean And  Reflect

It does mark its place on the thirst position which is a surprise to me keeping in mind how most of the people take black as their icon colour, but that’s not the focus here. Well, what can I say about black is that it’s simply a signature on its own, carries its own aura and impact. Black too, is a mix of many, depending on how you carry it, from being sophisticated in a black dress to being dominating in the same black dress, it can show various colours while still being that dark mixture of everything.


Clothing Colour Psychology: What Do These Most Popular Colours Mean And  Reflect

This has always been the colour of peace and the same goes for the clothes too. No! we are not asking you to go wearing a white in an argument and expect a peace offering right away. It’s just that white has this calm vibe around it that makes people feel very positive and sunny. A relaxing day at the beach can be best complemented by a beautiful white dress, the same goes for the picnic as well. It also somewhere reflects a sense of maturity if dealt with properly.

These were one of the most preferred colours, let us know which one is your favourite and what do you think of the ones we talked about above. Also check out: Become An Arctic Goddess With These Winter Season Makeup Tips : Winter Fashion 2020

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