Clothing Tips And Tricks You Must Know If You’re Skinny

If you’re naturally slender, it’s quite a task to decide which styles and clothes best suit your shape. While many trends look great on slim figures, there are some fashion no-no’s that should completely be avoided. No matter what your body shape is like, embrace yourself, don’t feel uncomfortable about your body and be thankful for what you have. 

skinny clothing

Here are a few clothing hacks you that must know if you are skinny and there is slight or no difference of dimension between your upper and lower body-

Avoid Vertical Stripes

If vertical stripes are the best choice for those who are over-sized, then for skinny girls it is the worst foe. Vertical stripes tend to make your body longer and slimmer, thus concealing the extra pounds you have. For skinny girls, this can be a major disaster. If you, nonetheless, prefer stripes, then choose horizontal ones, which will add some curves to your body and make you look less skinny. If you wear dresses, tops or trousers with horizontal lines, you will look slightly broader and wider, hence a win-win situation. Opting vertical stripes for the bottom will make you look taller.

Say No To High Heels

skinny clothing

As is the case with vertical stripes, high heels give the same impression. By looking even taller than you really are, you will look as thin as a stick with absolutely no curves. Give preference to flats or boots, which will go with almost any type of outfit you choose. In case you choose an elegant cocktail dress that has no other way than to be paired with high heels, then choose a pair of stilettos with rather small heels. Horizontal stripes are a skinny clothing essential.

Get Rid Of Your Skinny Jeans

No matter what fashion experts tell us about trendy tight or skinny jeans, they still remain a bad choice for not only skinny girls but for the rest of us as well. They may be painful for full stomachs or high thighs. Try to include wide-legged pants, classic pants or jeans in your wardrobe which will have some extra room for your legs. In case of pants, go for the perfectly tailored pants, not too fitted, not too loose, just the perfect fit.

Never Use Belts At Mid-Waist

skinny clothing

We all know that wearing a belt at the mid-waist area makes one look slimmer, so this is definitely not your accessory! Instead, you can opt for accessories like scarfs, small to medium-sized bags and clutches, classy minimal neck-pieces to highlight your collar bone. Mid-waist belts are a skinny clothing no-no.

Say No To Sleeveless Tops

clothing skinny

Sleeveless tops may reveal how slim you are. For sleeves, you can pretty much wear anything, but usually, quarter length (3/4th length) works the best as they end close to your waistline, highlighting it. Try wearing more ruffle sleeves as it will broaden your shoulder area and arms, which will help you look fuller and also take away the attention from your slim arms. Anything with exciting sleeve detailing will serve you good, which includes all types of embroidered sleeves or the net styled sleeves.

Here are a few tips that you can keep in mind while shopping for yourself-

1. You can add curves to your frame with peplum style dresses and tops. 

2. Bootleg jeans and pants are great on skinny women too as they give the body extra shape and dimension. 

3. If you want to accentuate your figure then clingy fabrics are great but if you want to add curves to your frame then avoid them and go for something thicker like wool.

4. Pleats, layers, belts, textured fabrics are good options to accentuate your silhouette

However, the difference will be made by your attitude which gets reflected in your posture and gait. Be so confident and attractive that your clothes complement each other. Focus on that aspect deeply.

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