Can’t Play With Studies? Think again!

We know you parents will love us for this list. And the kids will love you in return. With online games experimenting with educational themes, anything to make learning fun right? Here’s a list of all those video games that prove that sometimes children, education really is something to play about. 

Ruby Warrior

Can't Play With Studies? Think again! - Ruby Warrior coding

This one, that sounds like one of those mobile phone past time games, actually helps movies get their hand on coding and software development. The latest version of the game is actually a part of a larger project intended to do just that – to help equip people with an interest in coding. Why should adults have all the fun then? With the internet, a Facebook ID and slight eagerness, you’ll get sucked right in.

Dragonbox Math and Chess Games

Dragonbox Math and Chess Games Algebra

As a kid, I hated math. And most mums who end up taking the lead in tutoring their children, often confess to having transferred their respective disability at math to their children. Hereditary or not, video games like the ones at Dragon Box assure you ease and fun at learning. Meant for ages 5 and up, the interface is colourful and the content, all things chess, addition, subtraction and all such devilish words. Go figure, quite literally. Developed by a former teacher.

Animal Jam

Can't Play With Studies? Think agai
n! Animal Jam

This one’s all about bonding with peers, befriending animals and learning facts. All virtually of course. Kids get to compete in various games and competitions (as cute as they can get) all with their pets in tow. These include growing your own virtual pet and pet simulator games. Discover the world inside (thanks Covid) and the world outside. 


Can't Play With Studies? Think again! Kahoot

Available both on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, this game-based platform has already been put to use in educational institutions. Made primarily out of multiple choice quizzes, the app recently added Spanish in its list of languages. Plans for the future also include getting Brazilian Portuguese, French, and Norwegian to the fold.

Code Combat

Can't Play With Studies? Think again! Code Combat

Teaches JavaScript and Python to its users. But here’s what it packs in more on the lessons for your kids. The game teaches coding to children in probably one of the more interactive and engaging ways possible. But the developers of this game have also kept it open source. Which means, anyone can give in their bits to the basic code and make it a better version than before. Kind of like how we humans ought to be in different stages of life, but that discussion is for another day, another list. 

Parents! Any of this helpful in getting you those extra minutes to yourself?

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