Cool New iOS 15 Features That you Can Get Excited About!

The iPhone is back with a new update, and people are surely loving it. Recently, iOS 15 has become accessible for everyone to update. And iPhone lovers are already going crazy for the new features that iOS 15 has come out with. And why not? After all, they never let us down, do they? So we thought to make a list of all the new features that iOS 15 has recently brought to the table. So that you will know what you are getting into before updating your phone. So, without wasting any more minutes on just the talks, let’s dive into the main deal. Here are the most noticeable new iOS 15 features that you will be able to enjoy from now on.

Cool New iOS 15 Features That you Can Get Excited About!


Cool New iOS 15 Features That you Can Get Excited About!

One of the best new features for Apple lovers. You will be able to share anything on your phone during a call through SharePlay on FaceTime. The feature will allow you to share your screen with apple natives like Apple TV and Apple Music. It also includes other platforms like HBO Max, Tik Tok, Disney Plus, and a few more. Surely a useful one.

Background Sounds

Cool New iOS 15 Features That you Can Get Excited About!

This one probably is one of the most beautiful ones so far. This feature lets you hear background sounds while you are using your phone. It can also be played while the phone is off or when you are on another app. This feature is for you to cut the external sounds and to help you stay calm. 

Live Text

This one is the best for people who feel extremely lazy when it comes to noting down numbers or texts. Live Text is a feature that allows you to scan the text and add it, share it, copy it, or even translate it with the help of the Live Text button. A smart feature for sure. No more will you feel that burden to note the number correctly. 


This one is quite a revolutionary one. Not only because it makes the accessibility to FaceTime easy, but also because it will allow you to FaceTime with non-Apple users. You will be able to share the links and will be able to schedule the FaceTime calls. Now, that might be a really useful one, correct?

Focus Mode

Focus mode is by far one of the most helpful ones when you are trying to focus on your work. Yeah, it matches perfectly with its name. Focus mode will help you to filter certain calls of notification based on what time do you want them you come to you. For example, while working, the focus mode can narrow down your notifications and calls to be the only one to let you get disturbed. 

Photos App

Photos app sure gave a lot more details in the past as well. But this time it has received more improvements. You can now look for texts on your photos! Yes, it will scan the texts if there are any on your photo. This will allow you to reach the picture or search for the text for the same. It will also show a few more details about the individual photos. 

The Weather App

The weather app has also gained some heavy upgrades. People will be able to access more accurate weather and clear maps. Not to forget those detailed graphics. They sure have worked for this one. No longer will you face a sudden weather change to surprise you. After all, you got accurate information with high resolutions in advance!

So these were some of the most noticeable new features that you will be able to enjoy on your iPhone. Which one among these did you like the most?

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