Which K-Drama Should You Live In?

We know that every K-drama fan has fantasized about living in one at least once in their life. And why not? After all, the K-drama lives and stories are always so exciting. Not to forget the beautiful actors that never fail to give you a thousand butterflies in every frame that they appear. So, we thought about helping you discover your secret K-Drama life. Here are a few questions that will tell you about the K-drama that you should live in. 

  1. 1 Choose a color!

    1. Green
    2. Red
    3. Black
    4. Brown
    5. Pink
    6. Blue
    7. White
  2. 2 Choose a Profession!

    1. CEO
    2. Media
    3. Administration
    4. Army
    5. Writer
    6. Entertainment
    7. Medical
  3. 3 Choose a genre!

    1. Thriller
    2. Fantasy
    3. Mythical
    4. Historical
    5. Romantic
    6. Action
    7. Horror
  4. 4 Choose a pet!

    1. Snake
    2. Fox
    3. Dog
    4. Dragon
    5. Cat
    6. Horse
    7. Rat
  5. 5 What do you do in your ideal time?

    1. Board Games
    2. Painting
    3. read books
    4. Go for a walk
    5. Write somethings
    6. Sleep
    7. Experiment on things
  6. 6 Choose a hangout spot.

    1. Forest
    2. Mountains
    3. A cafe
    4. A road trip
    5. Library
    6. A playground
    7. A museum
  7. 7 Would you help someone in need?

    1. No
    2. Of course
    3. Yes, why not.
    4. That will be a fair thing to do.
    5. If I'm free
    6. Maybe
    7. If I get something in return
  8. 8 Choose a flavor.

    1. Strawberry
    2. Mint Chocolate
    3. Vanilla
    4. Chocolate
    5. Black current
    6. American Nuts
    7. Mango
  9. 9 How much do you like K-drama?

    1. A lot, of course.
    2. The stories are beautiful.
    3. Way Too much!!
    4. What kind of question is this?
    5. Yeah, its fine.
    6. I watch it when I feel like it.
    7. It's good. But i'm not an addict.
  10. 10 What is the best thing about K-drama?

    1. The twists
    2. The love stories
    3. The actors
    4. The action plots
    5. The plot
    6. The drama
    7. The thrill!

Which K-Drama Should You Live In?

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  1. Quiz result

    Squid Game

    You definitely belong in the Squid Game. You love taking risks, and thrill and adventure are what excites you the most. Squid Game is surely a K-Drama on another level. This shows that you love choosing something unique. No matter how dangerous it might be. You surely will love to live in this K-Drama and will ace the games.

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  2. Quiz result

    Tale of the Nine Tailed

    You should definitely be living in this one. You love beautiful love stories. You also are a fan of fantasies and mythical creatures. You really love happy endings. And not to forget the gorgeous leads.

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  3. Quiz result


    Goblin is surely the story that needs you to be in it. First of all, the stunning actors. Second, the mythical creatures and the love stories just excite you to the best. We know you will definitely enjoy being in this one. After all, the Grim Reaper and the Goblin here are way too smart to ignore.

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  4. Quiz result


     Kingdom is the K-Drama for you. The thrill and adventure are your forte. The zombie apocalypse is something you always fantasize to be in. You will also love to try your hand in some action and fights. We are sure you will really be happy to be in this one.

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  5. Quiz result

    It's Okay to Not Be Okay

    This beautiful love story is something that appeals to you the most. We are sure you will really be happy to be and live in this one. The struggles of finally being together after a long drama give you some real excitement.

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  6. Quiz result

    Crash Landing On You

    This one is surely for you. A love story mixed well with some risk and drama. However, you also love a good happy ending. We are sure you will be happy to be in this one. For all the adventures that the leads had!

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  7. Quiz result

    Strangers From Hell

    Strangers From Hell is surely for you. You love experimenting with things. You also seek a bit of thrill and adventure. You also do not shy away with some possible risky drama. You surely will love to be in this one. And will likely plot murders.

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