Crazy Weird Gadgets That You Possibly Didn’t Know

There are various gadgets out there in the world that we never knew existed. Gadgets that can either blow your mind away or those that make you want to blow your brains out. These gadgets are a result of a big brain (Gen Z will know). Some of these gadgets are a result of a pure genius and some others are a huge question mark – What in the world is that thing and why would anyone use it while we have a regular version?

Such gadgets are mostly very helpful, although weird and crazy, they still make our lives a little more bearable and our work more efficient. They save our money, time, and energy. Although some might look as if they have been invented by aliens high on sugar, they still are very competent and reliable. So, here’s a list of a handful of gadgets that even if they seem weird, they can still be used in day to day life. It’s not like 2020 is a year full of sanity, so I guess it is okay if the gadgets seem a little insane. Everyone should get a chance, right?

Hygienic bedsheets by miracle

Crazy Weird Gadgets

Yes, all bedsheets are clean and soft when we buy them. But these bed sheets by Miracle have taken hygiene to a whole new level. These bed sheets use natural bacteria-fighting silver for healthier skin and cleanliness. To top that off, the fabrics are temperature controlled so one can stay comfortable all night long. One must not need to worry about bad odour or unhealthy skin you might have whilst lying in your bed, trying to contemplate how 2020 passed by so quickly yet seemed so long.

Teeth whitening system by Snow

Crazy Weird Gadgets

Almost everyone desires to have whiter teeth. And Snow has come out with something to support that decision of yours. They have come out with a gadget that uses LED activating technology. The usage of this device is quite simple. After you brush your teeth, you apply a tooth whitening gel and then plug the USB powered mouthpiece inside your mouth of course. A little pro tip, if possible do not wear it in public, as it is it looks weird as hell when you put it in your mouth – almost as if you’re about to go wrestle with the person you see in a ring. So, if possible, deal with it while you are at home and where your friends can’t take weird pictures of you with a powered mouthpiece.

Tiny stainless-steel utensils

Crazy Weird Gadgets

These little utensils, i.e. fork, spoons and knives, are made out of stainless steel that you can carry in your wallet. Yup, they are that tiny. It is a given that you do not use these little utensils when you are in a restaurant because you don’t want to seem rude to the staff. But when you are travelling around and do not wish to use plastic utensils, you can always use these. This way you eat with a clean utensil and save the environment too.  Of course, it won’t bend or break as plasticware does and it is completely flat which can be helpful when you are not carrying a bag of some sort. You can slip these right in your pocket and no one will even notice it.


Crazy Weird Gadgets

If you are someone who has trouble falling asleep and you have to make a 3-hour long movie inside your head to go to sleep, this gadget is just for you! It is a metronome-light designed to block overactive thought patterns. It basically constitutes a mixture of yoga, meditation and behavioural therapy. A lot of the buyers saw the result pretty quickly. A lot of them said that they managed to fall asleep before the 8-minute mode ended. And after a course of a few months, they gradually stopped using Dodow because they did not need it anymore to fall asleep. I might not need it because I fall asleep faster than Nobita can.

Buzz B-Gone

Crazy Weird Gadgets

If you live in a house where bugs are your constant companion and a crowd of guests you wish would never visit, this gadget is definitely for you. Buzz B-Gone uses purple LED lights that attract the bugs and a powerful coil to zap them. This gadget is perfect for an outdoor meeting, or camping. You attract those pesky little bugs by showing them the light, they get excited and fit right into the party mood and bam! You get rid of the problem. So, a pretty good gadget for day to day use.

These were some of the weirdest yet helpful gadgets that we never knew we needed. Not only do most of them fit right in the budget, they also come with a long term guarantee. These useful gadgets will fit right into your day to day life without causing any problems.

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