Crossing The World In 10 Beautiful Bridges

How many times have you crossed a bridge? A thousand times probably. But how many times have you stopped and admired the beauty of that very bridge? Not that often maybe. And it makes sense, not every bridge is a visual bliss. This, however, does not change the fact that there are some bridges around the world that are worth spending your time on. Yes, unlike our common bridges, there are some of the most stunning sites to be on. Crossing them can be an once-in-a-lifetime experience. You don’t believe us? Fine, let’s change your perception about bridges today! Here are the 10 most beautiful bridges around the world that you should visit at least once in your lifetime. Believe us, you won’t regret the trip when it comes to the bridge’s beauty!

Golden Gate Bridge

Crossing The World In 10 Beautiful Bridges

This beautiful red bridge above the channel between the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay is a visual bliss. Not only does it feel like being in heaven on this bridge but it also looks stunning from far afar. The bridge is in San Francisco, USA, and is one of the most admired ones in the world. A sunset or sunrise from here can really soothe your senses. The bridge was opened in 1937 and was the longest suspension bridge until 1964. A place perfect for some picture-perfect views, walks, and cycling!

Ponte Vecchio

Crossing The World In 10 Beautiful Bridges

Of course, a bridge from Italy has to be on this list. Their architecture is one of the most admired after all, isn’t it? Ponte Vecchio is a beautiful structure in Florence, Italy. The architecture of the bridge sits well with the clear and calm water of the Arno River. The bridge is from the medieval period. It was built in Roman times but due to the destruction caused by a flood, it was rebuilt in the 14th century. The bridge is full of shops so the visit will be a good one!

Charles Bridge

Crossing The World In 10 Beautiful Bridges

When has the Czech Republic ever let us down with its architectural beauty? The answer is never. The same goes for this bridge as well. Charles Bridge is one of the most beautiful bridges that you can ever visit! The bridge is over the Vltava River in Prague, Czech Republic! The entire bridge is a stone gothic bridge with beautiful lamps, statues, and statuaries. The bridge also offers a captivating view of Prague Castle. A must-visit for sure!

Millau Viaduct

Crossing The World In 10 Beautiful Bridges
via Wikimedia Commons/Stefan Krause, Germany

If you want a feel of walking in the clouds, this place is it! A must for sure. The bridge is actually a freeway that connects Paris and Montpellier. This bridge in South France is the highest bridge in the world. It stands 270 meters high over the Tarn River. The bridge is absolutely stunning and offers a beautiful view of mountains all around. It is a bit taller than the Eiffel tower and only a few meters shorter than the Empire State building! You should definitely visit it once!

Brooklyn bridge

How can a list like this not have the infamous Brooklyn Bridge? Brooklyn Bridge is nothing but an architectural prodigy. A must-visit for sure. The bridge is in New York City, USA. The bridge is between Manhattan and Brooklyn and over the East River. The bridge was completed in 14 years while the construction itself began in 1869. It offers some of the most stunning views you can ever get!

Crossing The World In 10 Beautiful Bridges
via Wikimedia Commons/ Andrew Choy

Ponte di Rialto

Crossing The World In 10 Beautiful Bridges
Michele Marieschivia Wikimedia Commons

Venice has some of the most beautiful water-related sites. It makes sense that one of their many accomplished structures is this beautiful bridge. The architecture alone will astonish you while the view it offers is equally stunning. The bridge was made in just three years in 1588 and was completed in 1591. The bridge was a replacement for some wooden bridges. This was made as a permanent replacement. It has 7.5 meters of an arch that adds to its beauty. A must-visit.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Crossing The World In 10 Beautiful Bridges

One of the most famous bridges on this list is the Sydney Harbor Bridge of Australia. The bridge with its lights makes a perfect view to spend some time on. It is the world’s tallest steel arch bridge. The arch spans 503 meters while the length is about 1149 meters. Being an international pride to Australia, this bridge a must-visit for people visiting Australia.

Tower Bridge London

You cannot visit London completely without visiting the Tower London Bridge. It is an absolute beauty and a must-visit. The bridge is a pride to London and is about 120 years old. The bridge’s beauty becomes a thousand times more refined due to its twin towers. It is one of the most recognized structures around the world that you might have seen in a number of places!

Bixby Creek Bridge

This by far can provide one of the most beautiful viewers to its tourists. This 1932 bridge is 79 meters tall over the canyon carved by Bixby creek. The view of the sea on one side while the view of the mountains on the other makes it a perfect spot for tourist attraction. The bridge stands in Big Sur, California, USA. It is among the list of the most spectacular roads and a site to be visited at least once in your life!

Khaju Bridge

via Wikimedia Commons/Alireza-Obohat

This palace-like bridge in Isfahan, Iran is one of the most wonderfully beautiful bridges. It looks more like a palace rising up form water making it a must-visit. The Persian architecture gives it a rich cultural look. The bridge is over the Zayandeh River while also being a dam! A perfect example of multitasking! The most exciting part about visiting this bridge is its provision for relaxation. The bridge has stairs so you can actually sit and enjoy the calm river while being on this iconic bridge!

These were some of the most beautiful bridges that you should visit at least once. Which among them did you like the most?

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