Dating Apps Have Evolved During The Pandemic. What’s The New Normal?

Remember when you used to go out on dates all dolled up and excited? Or when you changed your outfits like a hundred times while wanting to nail that perfect date look? I think it is safe to say that the pandemic saved us from all that hassle. You could be wearing a nice top but match it put with your pyjama shorts, or you could wear a white t-shirt with a black leather jacket and pair it up with blue shorts. Who is even going to care what you are wearing at the bottom anymore? But somewhere down the line some of us do miss getting ready and going on real dates. Here are a few dating apps to ease out the process.

Online dating apps have been the new anchor for those who like to go on dates or meet new people. Due to this pandemic, there have obviously been a lot of new changes. It has become the new normal. Therefore, while dating now, one has to be extra careful about going to places or meeting someone. Tinder recorded its highest recorded single day of swiping in one year alone. Bumble hit a milestone of 100 million users this year.

This trend is not limited to popular apps. Small companies such as Daniel Ahmadizadeh’s texting service called Quarantine Together, have shown a boost of 30,000 plus users using their services. They have come up with a great idea where at exactly 6 PM the users get a text message asking them if they have washed their hands today, if the users reply with a yes, they are then matched with another user to have a private conversation. At the end of half an hour, the users are sent an audio or video link so they can have a proper conversation if things are going well for them.

A lot of people have started seeking comfort in speed dating, where the guys or girls are trying to date or talk to one person in under 5 minutes or so, and if the things go well, the person might decide who out of the bunch of people will he or she decide to date. Due to the pandemic, the apps have invented different sorts of updates, which makes the users use the app more effectively and gain more realness with the person they are talking to. I mean, in 2020, one has to get real. A lot of people are much more comfortable with talking or chatting online than in real life. The dating apps are getting more likes due to this one fact alone, as it not only shakes off the awkwardness of the first date in person, but it also makes you know if you can click with the person on chat and how real he or she is.

Hinge has come out with the feature called Date From Home where one can start a video call. The catch here is the only fact that the two people have to chat first in order to build a report and then they can click on the video call symbol on the top right corner and start a video meeting and get to know each other more.

When you are stuck at home and wish to have a go at the online dating world, but then quickly realize that it is nothing but plain awkward chats hanging all around you. Therefore, a dating app called XO has come out with the perfect ice breaker. This app lets you play games such as drawing or word games, which help you, connect and have fun on another level. The feature called Blind Date is also very well known. This feature lets you play a game with your date without knowing who they are and at the end of the game the identities are revealed. It is used a lot by Gen Z as it takes a new approach to the dating idea. Nowadays people are searching for fun and connection more than just simple talks about where, when, and how. 

Dating apps are still trying to fit into this new normal. But as far as I can see, they have done pretty good at keeping their consumers on their toes. This fun and quirky way of dating for sure brings the humour out in people. One can comfortably sit in their homes, wear literally anything and still pull it off. The consumers are getting used to this new normal. Although, they are not taking much time fitting in because, to be frank, texting or video calling can be a little more comfortable than normal face to face conversation. But hey, that is just me. Tell us what do you think of this new normal? Which one would you prefer if you had to go out/in on a date?

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