Do You Really Need A Gaming Monitor?

Who doesn’t love gaming? It reduces stress and helps us gain better attention and alertness and there are multiple ways to enjoy gaming. Some may be happy with their cell phone, others with their laptops and tablets. But needing a gaming monitor quite literally depends on the amount of time you spend on gaming.

If you spend the minimal time of the day for gaming, then buying a gaming monitor doesn’t make sense. But if you are someone who falls under the category of ‘plays all night long’, then yes, you might need one. Because let’s be honest, the real gaming experience can be felt majestically on a big screen. It is clearer, sharper, and more distinct.

If you plan on buying a gaming monitor, make sure that you know that the monitor you have your eyes on will be able to handle the load of heavy set games. With a professional gaming monitor, the motion resolution increases. This is where you are able to see the visuals in a sharper resolution. It does not cause the eyes to strain. A gaming monitor might do you good if your old device suffers from screen tearing. This might be happening due to the intense load on the computer’s video card.

woman in black jacket wearing black framed eyeglasses

If you are a loyal gamer then it might be an obvious choice for you that upgrading to a high rated gaming monitor will give you a good and clear set of visuals. Games such as Fortnite, Overwatch, etc. can be enjoyed without stressing your eyes out.

Although, if you are not a gamer then changing your side towards gaming monitors will not make that big of a difference for you. It might give you eye-appealingly good visuals but beyond that spending on a gaming monitor will not make sense.

I’d like to give me my side of the story – I used to play video games such as COD (Call of Duty), Overwatch, etc., but not regularly. But taking note of the fact that most of my friends have a gaming monitor made me want one too. So I bought one and played games on it out of excitement. Eventually, the feeling started to evaporate and now the gaming monitor sits idly in the basement because I hardly use it.

If you are looking for a powerful console to suit your gaming style, then a gaming monitor would be the best option.  With a gaming monitor, it is easy to use multiple screens whereas with a regular computer; it would not be that easy to do so. 

black flat screen computer monitor with black computer keyboard

There are also numerous types of gaming monitors. With so many options, it is natural that one might get confused. But again, it depends on your selection of games. If you are someone who is more inclined towards flashy keyboards, mouse, and other such indulgences, then a gaming monitor will do just fine to match up with your standards.

A friend of mine, who is a huge fan of gaming, used to play all sorts of games on a regular PC. It worked just fine for a few months but gradually she started to notice that the PC had started to hang a lot and it took a lot of time to load the games. This shows that a regular monitor will not be able to handle all these ‘heavy’ games so to say. 

One has to take all these basic points into consideration while deciding whether or not to buy the gaming monitor. Also, the fact that our PCs can be connected to our televisions is another great way to enjoy gaming on TV. It is simpler and cost-effective. But hey, it’s a free country so you do you. If you feel like owning a gaming monitor even if you do not regularly play games and if you can afford them, then go right ahead and enjoy the clearer and sharper visuals. But if you are a dedicated gamer who cannot go a week without playing games, then I would suggest that you buy a gaming monitor, because along with strong and clearer visuals you will also not strain your eyes. The gaming monitors are built in a way that causes your eyes to strain less and that you are able to sit in front of it for hours without having a headache. On the contrary, a regular PC might give you a ton of headaches but it is quite affordable.

woman in black tank top wearing black headphones

These arrays of gaming monitors are visually quite appealing, so one should take note of all the advantages before buying one. And when you do buy one, go crazy! People’s views might differ on whether one really needs a gaming monitor or not but one thing that we can all agree on is the fact that nothing is more satisfying than playing a video game and winning the level against your tough competitor.

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