All About The New Famous Samsung Virtual Assistant, Sam!

Somehow, humans have managed to find themselves so alone in this overly-populated world that they created bots to keep them company. Artificial Intelligence has a bunch of other purposes, sure, but admit it, it’s really another excuse for us to have someone, even if they’re not a real person, to talk to or just goof around with. 

Does Samsung Have A New, 3D Virtual Assistant?!

Until now, the virtual assistants offered by major tech providers such as Apple, Android, or Samsung have been faceless, formless voices- from the Google Assistant to Siri to Alexa. But some fresh, unofficial news just dropped that a 3D AI assistant for Samsung users might be in the works. How true is this?

A marketing collab between Samsung and Lightfarm?

The internet blew up with talk of Samantha Samsung, a pretty animated character with short brown hair and piercing blue eyes, when a lucky person stumbled upon her unannounced sketches and 3D renderings on a Brazilian design studio’s website, Lightfarm.  This is an award-winning visual-arts production house that collaborated with a Samsung-owned marketing agency by the name Cheil on this project. 

Does Samsung Have A New, 3D Virtual Assistant?!

Lightfarm explained in a deleted post that Sam already existed as a 2D chatbot giving automated responses to questions across some platforms, and was redesigned as a more modern, expressive, and attractive 3D character. They mentioned how “the team devoted itself to developing realistic materials for her hair and clothing”, and to be honest, one look at her and you’ll know that they did a great job!

Why would people love Sam?

Does Samsung Have A New, 3D Virtual Assistant?!

If you didn’t already guess from the pictures, Sam became all the rage among internet users because of her Pixar-like designs and animation, especially among anime-lovers many of whom claimed that she was the new “waifu”. From the few test clips released by Lightfarm as well as the leaked pictures, we can see how she has been designed with the utmost detail, and animated with multiple textures along with a range of expressions and poses. She has instantly made her place among the top characters being cosplay-ed on tik tok! 

With the amount of popularity Samsung gained before they had even announced this project officially, we can only imagine the increase in the number of their users (and the possible drop in iPhone sales) once the arrival of Sam is confirmed. While some people have shown their excitement towards the new virtual assistant by supporting the company, others have taken to more inappropriate forms of expressing interest. One thing, however, is clear- everyone is waiting for Sam to be announced as the new AI assistant, or at least as the 3D mascot for Samsung. 

Is Sam a replacement for the current Bixby?

Does Samsung Have A New, 3D Virtual Assistant?!

As you might know, Samsung had recently revamped and improved its current virtual assistant, Bixby, so it seems unlikely that it’ll be replaced anytime soon. There is also no official word from Samsung regarding Sam. But owing to Bixby’s lack of popularity as compared to Alexa or Siri, Samsung might just change tactics! 

From the way all official posts related to Sam were taken down quickly by Lightfarm, a disappointing thought lingers in our minds- the virtual woman is just a rejected project and was not meant to be revealed to the public. It would be Samsung’s loss though, because creating her as the new 3D mascot or as the virtual assistant alongside Bixby could shoot their popularity off the charts right now. It’s a legitimate expectation too, because Samsung has been known for its association with virtual influencers like Lil Miquela, and its interest in creating virtual beings. 

What are your thoughts- did Sam get you enamored enough to buy a Samsung Galaxy as soon as she’s officially announced? Tell us below!

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