Are You More Like Carter Or Sadie From ‘The Kane Chronicles’?

Rick Riordan has truly mastered the art of weaving mythology with modern adventure, and if you disagree, try reading Percy Jackson, The Kane Chronicles, and Magnus Chase first. Humorously introducing you to the ancient gods of Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Norse mythologies, his own characters are also incredibly well-written and intriguing.

Two such characters are Sadie and Carter Kane from The Kane Chronicles. They’re two siblings who are thrown into the world of Egyptian Gods and monsters and realize that they must fight Chaos and restore order as the most powerful magicians to be born in centuries. Their struggle to match up to this standard and their desire for normal, happy lives makes them pretty interesting. But they are very different from each other, opposites even! Have you ever wondered which member of this brother-sister duo you are most like?


  1. 1 Which parent are you closer to and resemble most?

    1. Mom
    2. Dad
    3. Neither
  2. 2 Which god would you probably vibe with?

    1. Horus
    2. I don’t particularly like Egyptian gods.
    3. Isis
  3. 3 Which of these words describe you best?

    1. Sarcastic, headstrong, and a troublemaker
    2. Intelligent, nervous, and a leader
    3. Outgoing, normal, and academic
  4. 4 What is your favored weapon?

    1. A gun, probably.
    2. Powerful Magic. I don’t like getting my hands dirty.
    3. A khopesh sword is the most valiant weapon to fight with
  5. 5 What do you consider to be your weakness?

    1. Not having enough confidence in myself
    2. Being slightly fickle-minded and manipulative
    3. Not thinking things through and being reckless
  6. 6 Choose your outfit:

  7. 7 Which of these qualities do you prefer in a partner?

    1. Calm, protective, and strategic
    2. Cooperative, nice, and carefree
    3. Intelligent, strict, and powerful
  8. 8 What is your strategy for battle?

    1. Methodically learn about the enemy’s strengths and weaknesses beforehand.
    2. Psych my enemy out and charge at them before they can think!
    3. I’m not planning to go into battle anytime soon!
  9. 9 Magic time. Choose a divine word-

    1. 'Ha-di': Destroy
    2. 'Khe-fa': Fist
    3. Umm, what are ‘divine words’?
  10. 10 Would you turn over to the dark side if Apophis, the serpent of chaos, promised to give you whatever you wanted?

    1. Whatever I wanted? Yeah, totally!
    2. Never! Apophis has to be taken down because it has hurt way too many people and it will destroy the world!
    3. Probably yes. Haha, just kidding, it’s still an evil serpent and I’m gonna kick its ass.

Are You More Like Carter Or Sadie From 'The Kane Chronicles'?

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  1. Quiz result

    Carter Kane!

    Oh wow, you're the sweet and brave Carter Kane! He is a really nice, funny, and creative person who is also very protective of his loved ones, filling the 'big brother' role perfectly. He is described as a bookworm and his knowledge on any subject is pretty vast. His role as the host of Horus makes him very powerful in combat. Being more disciplined and mature than his younger sister, he displays natural leadership, which even Sadie accepts. He is slightly nervous, lacks self-confidence, and overthinks things a little, but he is working on becoming a better version of himself! Truly a great character, good job!

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  2. Quiz result

    Sadie Kane!

    Sadie is one of my favorite characters and the protagonist of the story, alongside her brother, so congratulations! She is what some might call a rule-breaker and a free spirit, but this is because of how little time she got to spend with her parents. She is pretty sassy, rebellious, and witty and is willing to fight no matter the situation. While she might come across as stubborn, hostile, and selfish to some people, she cares deeply about some people and things in life and is willing to do anything for them. Hosting the goddess Isis, she is a very powerful magician with some pretty special talents, and with her fierce and wild personality, she makes the perfect Egyptian magician!

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  3. Quiz result


    Oops, it seems like you aren't Carter OR Sadie. From your responses, you most likely don't belong in the Egyptian mythology world of The Kane Chronicles, among the magicians and weird creatures. But who knows, it is often such characters who don't seem to belong that become the protagonists in these stories! Maybe you're your own unique character. It's also possible that a whole other book universe is waiting for you! Good luck!

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