5 Excellent Character Designs in Pixar Movies!

We laugh, we cry, we rejoice, we are disheartened, we have everything figured out, we are all chaos inside our head, we try to be mature and then push a door that says pull! Believe it or not, PIXAR has a character and a full-fledged story for every mood irrespective of how common or distinctive it is.

5 Excellent Character Designs in Pixar Movies!

I have grown up watching princesses and all the feel-good adorable stories that don’t make me question any aspect of life. But with the variety, creativity and diligence along with great advancements in technology, filmmakers have certainly left us stunned. The amount of thought process that goes into making a Pixar movie is unreal!

While watching a movie, we understand most of it based on how its characters are portrayed. The physical and mental attributes of different personalities and how they are represented on the screen, are what make a movie unique. The audience being able to clearly understand what message the film is trying to put through also plays an important role.

Let us give us some trivia on some amazing Pixar character designs from some of the best Pixar movies.

Maui – Moana

5 Excellent Character Designs in Pixar Movies!

The Demigod himself! This Pixar character is most distinctively seen as muscular, strong and tough. He has his entire life and his emotions tattooed on his body. He is portrayed as boisterous and looks old enough for us to understand he has had varied life experiences regardless of how pleasant or unpleasant they are. 

A human this size requires a weapon that compliments his personality and makes him look godly. Unlike his sturdy physical attributes, his expressions and facial features throughout the movie stride towards a more subtle style. This shows that even though he is physically stable and indestructible, he does have a softer side attached to him and a constant desire to correct his past mistakes.

Sulley – Monsters Inc.

5 Excellent Character Designs in Pixar Movies!

James P Sullivan, better known as Sulley, is the main character of the movie Monsters Inc. Sulley has a huge furry body with a long round face. He is considered the scariest monster in the Monster University. Monsters are petrified of humans and their toxic touch. This is how Sulley is portrayed at the start of the movie.

His facial features and expressions contradict the fact that he is a scary monster. His round features give him a touch of being adorable. His posture and his warm and comforting expressions bring out a fatherly and caring gesture on the screen. His motive in the movie is to deliver Boo to her home safely and he is willing to sacrifice all his advantages for what feels right.

Bing Bong – Inside Out

Character Designs in Pixar Movies

Bing Bong is not one of the main characters of the movie Inside Out. However, he plays a crucial role in helping Joy and Sadness make their way back to the headquarter. Bing Bong is imaginary and is all that kids desire in their companions. He is all wonders of cute, pink, wholesome and happy! 

This adorable Pixar character is hopeful even though he knows he might be forgotten. But when the time comes, doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice himself for Rylie. Isn’t that an outcome of the most genuine friendship? Bing Bong, at the end of the day, leaves the audience in tears because of his joyful attitude unaltered by the melancholy seething out from his face.

Anton Ego – Ratatouille

Anton Ego – Ratatouille

Anton Ego is next on our our list of excellently designed Pixar characters. He is, again, not a part of the main characters of the film, instead, he is a conceited and opposing critic when it comes to Gusteau’s restaurant. His pointy and lean features bring out his stern and unabashed characteristics. He is like that annoying sound in your head constantly criticizing your efforts and unreasonably challenging your potential.

His physical characteristics like long and lean legs, pointy facial features and his overall gesture portray how judgmental his mindset is. He is shown in the light of doing what he feels is right and considers everything else as BS. Although, his determination as a critic shines through which leads to a pleasant ending to the movie.

Counselors – Soul

Counselors – Soul

The creators of Soul wanted these counselors to look simple yet appealing, which is what has made this film one of the best animated movies of all time. They have mentioned taking inspiration from Pablo Picasso’s paintings for these character designs in some of their interviews. They wanted to depict the presence of different dimensions from these personalities.

The shapes of the bodies of these peculiar Pixar characters look like a wire making it 2D whereas all the actions they carry out are animated and shown in 3D. These counselors are playful, authoritative, flexible and intelligent. Their shapes give creative freedom to the artists to describe different emotions with the help of changes in their appearance.

Animation and art thrive on the factor of relatability. All the movies we see and all the content we consume comes from a place of our past experiences and how they have molded us into what we ever were. Most of these animated characters somewhere, sometimes strike a chord and we start adoring them. 

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