Flight Tips For First Time Travellers

Travelling in a plane for the first time can be really stressful. There are a lot of things we need to keep in mind and the thought that ‘what if I miss something’ makes us extremely anxious. Well, we are here to make it easier for you.

Flight Tips For First Time Travellers

We have divided the tips into three categories – pre-flight precautions and advice, pre-boarding precautions and advice and in-flight advice to make it clearer and help with that stress that you brought you here!

Flight Tips For First Time Travellers

Pre-Flight Precautions and Advices 

  • A very useful tip is to read about airport procedures and baggage rules beforehand. It will give you a sense of awareness and make you a little relaxed. 
  • According to the baggage guidelines, weigh your luggage at home to be sure and also attach a little ribbon or something to make it easily identifiable. 
  • Double check all your documents and passport and set reminders so that you don’t forget any of it (since it’s your first time, eventually it’ll naturally come to you!)
  • Two words – Travel Insurance!
  • Do not go for fancy clothing, dress in your most comfortable clothes (especially if it’s a long ride).
  • Preferably get your own food and water and carry necessary in- flight accessories (inflatable pillows, headrests, etc.) and ensure packing items for your own entertainment. 
  • Once you have your e-ticket, pre-select your seats and meals. Also, register your phone number with the airline for necessary updates and access.
  • Exchange your currency beforehand or online, if possible. It would really prove helpful. 
  • Checkout essential packing tips to help you with packing.
Flight Tips For First Time Travellers

Pre-Boarding Precautions and Advices

  • Keep your ticket handy at the terminal.
  • Check in online and arrive at the airport nearly 3 hours early to get familiar with everything. 
  • First of all, it’s completely okay to be anxious during the security procedures so dont think it’s only you. Many frequent flyers get anxious as well.
  • Keep tracking your flight status, climate and luggage. It’s a mis-matched combination for advice but just take it!
  • See if lounge access comes with your credit card. 
  • Be alert at the airport and remember your flight details so as to not miss updates and announcements!
Flight Tips For First Time Travellers

In-Flight Advices

  • Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance or help from the staff, before or on the plane.
  • Keep extra blankets and jackets, irrespective of the general weather.
  • Chewing bubble gum helps manage the pain you’ll feel in your ears while landing down
  • Take a little walk inside the flight if the journey is too long to avoid cramps
  • Phone on flight mode, obviously!
  • In flight accessories come in handy here.
Flight Tips For First Time Travellers

YoDoozy wishes you the best for all your travels! If you like this article, check out How to Fix A Train Ride!

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