Mental Health During Covid-19: How Well Are You Dealing With It?

The world at large is faced with a major health crisis following the outbreak of Covid-19. News of new cases shooting up, gloomy deaths, social alienation and the resultant fear and chaos is playing havoc with mental stability and peace of mind. Depression and suicide is gradually becoming the most dreaded aftermath of this pandemic. It is inevitably clear that these social and emotional consequences could worsen further at a later stage. “Covid depression” is one of the most searched terms at this point of time. This speaks volumes about the chaos the world is going through- not only in parameters of health or economy. The worst foe is the mental health during covid-19. 

mental health

Make Changes

At this juncture, we need to end the stigma that surrounds terms like depression and mental health. It is okay not to feel right and happy at some point of time. Just Talk, Communicate, Express, Seek help. Reaching out is essential to help yourself grow- be selfish for yourself. Avoid talking about the pandemic with people who tend to be negative or whose words ramp up your fears. Turn to the people who are thoughtful, level-headed, and empathetic listeners

#Depression On Instagram

Did you know about the #depression on Instagram? Whenever you search #depression on Instagram, and if you click on the first result, a box pops up containing three options. These are- “Get Support, Show Posts, Cancel”. The dialog box clearly states that the hashtag you’re searching for contains posts that might incite you and lead to damage (as deadly as death itself). If you want to seek help or want to get support to get you through this turmoil, speak about it before it ends you. You can either talk to a friend, a helpline volunteer, or find ways to support yourself.

Feel Good About Yourself

I don’t know who needs to hear this today but- “You. You are precious. You are loved. There is nothing in the world that can weigh you down. When things go wrong as they sometimes will and the road you are walking upon might seem all uphill, remember just like the Sun you will rise again. Now that you are sighing when you actually want to smile, don’t quit. If care is pressing you down at the moment, rest if you want, but don’t quit.”

mental health

Quick tips if you are feeling that your mental health during covid-19 is deteriorating and are concerned about it

  1. Celebrate yourself, your achievements, your success. Look at the bright side of life and your existence.
  2. Remain occupied by getting yourself enrolled into courses, anything that you enjoy.
  3. Seek for help, connect with others, remain sociable. Do not restrict yourself to an individual periphery and do not remain aloof.
  4. Make sure you get yourself plenty of sunshine and go for a peaceful walk.
  5. Make sure you do not surf through the internet reading depressing quotes that further weigh you down.
  6. Practice forgiveness, smile, and get yourself enough sleep. 
  7. If you think you do not have a go-to person to speak your heart out to, there are several helpline numbers that will help you out just like your friends. 
  8. Most importantly, remember that YOU MATTER.

We, as dutiful members of the bigger family- the world, just have to be kind. You never know what someone has been through or is still suffering from. We are all in this together and most of all, there is hope. 

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