Why Should You Drink Green Tea More Often?

Green tea is well known and  famous around the world for being a natural drink  able to bring us a lot of good properties and benefits to our health. Is very important you don’t forget that if you want to glow outside first you should take care and focus inside of you, so having green tea regularly can be a way to start with!

green tea

Where Does Green Tea Come From?

Green tea leaves are originally from China, it started to be commonly used for traditional medicine recipes 4.000 years ago! Buddhist Japanese Priests were the pioneers to import this drink to Japan around 1.200 years ago and even if only the royal class and priests were the only ones who have the  privilege  to have this drink, nowadays the cultivation of this tree expand in Japan and another countries around the word thus the consumption of this kind of tea became easier to get and much more frequent for everybody

green tea

Main Components Of Green Tea

Green tea contains a big quantity of vitamins like vitamin C, B2, E, Beta Carotene and Folic Acid, also there is a rich list of minerals like Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus, and Manganese. But now we are going to focus on three main components of green tea. Those components are: Catechins, Caffeine- Theine  and L-Theanine. Each one has  different benefits and effects in our body.So, drink green tea everyday

Catechins: Catechins act as antioxidants in our body. This component is associated  with the benefits in our skin appearance,  preventing premature aging and skin spots. There is a positive correlation between green tea consumption and cardiovascular health, Green tea have the  potential to combat everything from cardiovascular disease and hypertension. Experts recommend taking at least  two cups of green tea per day  to decrease our blood pressure. We shouldn’t forget that these antioxidants help us to  combat the risk of catching a cold or flu and oral problems like cavities or halitosis. Is important to remember that this component is very helpful to decrease our excessive fat and cholesterol levels on our body and also it prevents diabetes and some kinds of cancer.

Caffeine and Theine:  Those are well known mainly to help us to stay awake, also it reduces fatigue, and increases our resistance level. Moreover, this kind of tea has a diuretic effect and is very effective to reduce hangover symptoms! Don’t forget it! 

L-Theanine: It is an Amino Acid that increases cognitive activity and improves cognitive processes such as attention, concentration or learning as well as the reduction of certain neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer. Also the L-Theanine component helps us to calm down, relax and improve our mood.

green tea

How Should You Consume Green Tea?

Best way to drink green tea: The only way that people used to consume Green tea in the past centuries was being drunk hot as an infusion without sugar or anything additional, even nowadays it is still the most popular way of consumption for everybody. Actually we have the chance to enjoy Green Tea in different fun ways not only served as tea!, We can find it in a big variety of pastries and sweets, ice-creams , milkshakes, complex and supplements  and also due the large number of benefits that green tea brings to our skin the element is getting popular and is starting to be introduced in a large number of products in the Cosmetic Industry 

green tea

Where Can You Find Green Tea?

As we said, nowadays we can find a large variety of products that contain green tea as a component. Markets, herbalists, specialized stores, and tea stores are the main physical places where we can find a large variety of green tea products. But if you prefer making your Porsche even more comfortable and fast, internet poursaching is the best option. You can find a large variety of Green Tea products  keeping the best quality at different prices!

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Green Tea As Cosmetic For Clear Skin

In a nutshell, we can say that green tea has such a powerful effect on our mind and body! If you liked this one, check you The Type Of Tea You Must Go For Depending Upon Your Mood.

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