What You Eat In A Day Will Reveal Your Ideal Workout Routine!

Our bodies are different. The exercise routine that works for us might leave you exhausted and tired. And a major part of the reason is our diet. 

Now now, we would obviously not want to go for a two mile walk after savoring 5 pizzas, or do a two hour cardio session when all we eat are salads. 

Today, we break the stereotypical cardio-gym-pilates and bring to you a workout routine that will actually work for you, and not against. 

Tell us what you eat on a typical day and let your diet reveal your ideal workout routine!

  1. 1 Be honest, what do you eat for breakfast?

    1. Bacon/Cream cheese toast/Pancakes
    2. A fruit/Oatmeal/Juice
    3. Eggs and toast/Coffee and toast
  2. 2 It's 11am. You had breakfast some hours back, but lunch is still some hours away. What do you eat to curb your hunger?

    1. An oatmeal cookie/Buttered toast
    2. A fruit/A cup of coffee
    3. A bag of chips/Chocolate
  3. 3 What do you typically eat for lunch?

    1. Something with vegetables. Sometimes pasta, sometimes a salad. Maybe an omelette or scrambled eggs, boiled meat and the like.
    2. Sometimes a sandwich or a burger; sometimes some slices of a pizza. Pasta, maybe. Hmmmm, sometimes some fries, a coke, Chicken nuggets, etc.
    3. Sometimes bacon, sometimes boiled/roasted beef or chicken. Mexican from time to time. A Caesar salad every now and then. Veggies on occasion.
  4. 4 What do you drink every day?

    1. Soda/Coke/Beer/Wine
    2. Tea/coffee
    3. Juice/Lemon water
  5. 5 What would you eat on a typical night?

    1. Probably a pizza
    2. A bowl of soup
    3. Leftovers, whatever they are
  6. 6 Ok now, be honest with us. How do you like to enjoy your dinner?

    1. I like to sit in silence when I eat
    2. I like to watch the TV or read a book when I eat
    3. I like to talk to my family or friends over the meal
  7. 7 What would you eat if you get hungry at midnight?

    • it
    1. Crackers or ice cream
    2. Leftover dinner
    3. I would drink water and sleep
  8. 8 What's your favourite meal of the day?

    1. Breakfast!
    2. Dinner!
    3. Every meal of the day is my favourite! I love food!

What You Eat In A Day Will Reveal Your Ideal Workout Routine!

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  1. Quiz result

    The Masterplan

    No one ever regretted a good meal if they knew it was going to be burnt to sweat tomorrow. When you're a foodie, you need a workout masterplan to keep things balanced.

    Here's your workout routine:

    Bodyweight workout/weight lifting: 3x a week 

    Cardio/HIIT: 3x a week 

    Pilates/Yoga: 2x-3x a week

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  2. Quiz result

    The Tender Tale

    They say health is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. With a doet as healthy as yours, staying in shape and living a happy life isn't (amd shouldn't be) painful.

    Here's the workout routine you need to follow:

    Strength training: 2x a week 

    Vinyasa Yoga: 3x-4x a week 

    Cardio/Dance: 1x-2x a week 

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  3. Quiz result

    Balanced Buddha

    You love balance, don't you? Your diet is on neither ends of the spectrum, which works out perfectly for you! With a diet as balanced as yours, you will be able to enjoy this workout routine:

    Bodyweight workout/Weight lifting: 3x a week 

    Cardio/Fast paced walks: 2x a week 

    Yoga/Barre: 2x a week 

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