How Many of These Banksy Masterpieces Do You Know Of?

The world is splattered with beautiful pieces of artwork, be it on canvases or streets. One man who steals the crown when it comes to street art is Banksy. He is less of an artist than a global phenomenon. He is an anonymous England based artist who is extremely well known for his unique artwork which always has a mix of dark humor. 

A lot of his artworks are very famous, you might even have come across them but never knew that they were made by none other than Banksy. His work carries innocence and experience, wit and irreverence, and a penchant for the purely quirky. How many of these stupendous masterpieces did you know we’re made by Banksy?

Love Is In The Air

Banksy first performed this work in Jerusalem in 2003, painting it on the city’s West Bank barrier wall that separates Israel from its Occupied Territories. The painting depicts a masked thug caught in the act of hurling a bouquet of flowers. This masterpiece has since been rebuilt by fellow street artists countless times. 

Balloon Girl

In 2002, Banksy created yet another masterpiece called Balloon Girl. Here, a little girl is shown releasing a heart-shaped balloon. This particular painting is one of the most popular artworks by Banksy. Similar pictures are seen on Pinterest and Tumblr a lot of times. Banksy has managed to make similar paintings all over London. 

Kissing Coppers

Kissing Coopers is yet another fabulous masterpiece by Banksy that pictures two British policemen kissing. This painting was first exhibited on the wall of Brighton. Location is a crucial component of Banksy’s work and it is clearly conveyed here due to its placement. This is because Brighton is regarded as the LGBT capital of the UK.

Mobile Lovers

This picture speaks for itself. In this generation where we are constantly surrounded by gadgets, here we see a couple using the iPhone, the most popular gadget brand and instead of talking and building a connection, they seem to be more interested and devoted to their phones. Spending time with loved ones is sometimes seen as a hectic part of life due to work and social media life. Banksy slaps this reality right into our minds letting us know that we are losing our precious time behind things that don’t matter much.

One Nation Under CCTV

It shows a child in a red hooded top painting the phrase, while he is being watched by a police officer and a dog. This masterpiece was situated adjacent to a CCTV camera. Moreover, it shows the policeman standing and filming the boy with his phone. This reflects on how society works today, Banksy never fails to astound people through his art and this particular piece has taken the youth by storm.  


One of Banksy’s most harrowing artwork has to be Napalm. The artwork shows Mickey Mouse and Ronal McDonald happily skipping along, all the while flanking a naked, crying young girl. This picture alone speaks volumes. It is Banksy’s most unforgiving and in-your-face artwork. The collaboration of world-renowned characters and modern capitalism is marvelous.

Devolved Parliament

This oil-on-canvas painting by Banksy is an ethereal piece of work. Here, Banksy replaces the British politicians debating in the House of Commons with Chimpanzees. This debate stirring painting garnered so much attention that in 2019, it became Banksy’s most expensive artwork to date, selling for $12.2 million in London. Banksy commented, “Laugh now, but one day no-one will be in charge”.

Slave Labour

This heart-wrenching mural shows an urchin child using a sewing machine assembling a bunting of Union Jack patches. This work was a challenge thrown towards the usage of sweatshops to manufacture Diamond Jubilee and London Olympics memorabilia in 2012. 

Banksy’s artwork seems to strike a chord, especially among the youth that resonates with them on a deeper level. Using art in such an expressive manner is something only a few can do and Banksy has readily so proved himself to be one of them. He is not only seen as an artist but also as a political spokesman against the bad and a philosopher. Banksy not only provides contemporary paths but also manages to make us lose ourselves in art. He mixes cliché ideas with political nuances. He leads the art in a descriptive way, well within the boundaries and when you least expect it, he starts tearing it apart at its seams which increases its beauty and essence to a whole new level that only he can accomplish. Banksy’s intellectual capacity is reflected on all his work which makes it all the more appealing and enticing to watch. He is after all the prodigy of fierce yet scintillating artwork which bound to leave a mark for a prolonged time.

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