How The Invention Of Mirror Changed Everything!

Can you imagine living your life without having an idea about how you look? Ok, I’ll be more precise, can you imagine your life without a mirror? Unless you have taken the movie ‘Mirrors’ quite literally to your heart, I believe most of you will agree with me when I say that it’s almost impossible to accept the idea of having no mirrors!

How The Invention Of Mirror Changed Everything!

There is no doubt about the fact that the invention of mirrors almost changed several things for us, especially when it comes to our appearance. I know it sounds quite frustrating but the only option people had when it comes to looking at their reflection before the invention of mirrors were polished metals or water itself! Now don’t go on imagining an extremely plain and polished mirror that would show every pore of your skin that you stare at for hours thinking that somehow staring would solve the problem! Anyway, the point here is we all should be thankful for this invention otherwise there was no clear way to know how we looked exactly.

The invention of mirrors dates back to 1835 and the person we should be thanking for this invention which is a blessing in disguise is Justus Von Liebig, a German chemist. This invention of the silver-glass mirror changed so many things in numerous ways. We did know about the basics of our appearance through our reflection on water or metals but never were they as clear as the reflection that the silver-glass mirrors facilitated us with, which of course brought a better understanding about our own skin giving birth too many other insecurities that ultimately gave a boost to cosmetics and high maintenance.

How The Invention Of Mirror Changed Everything!

It was not just the cosmetics and awareness that got a boost, with the eventual heavy availability of the mirrors they became an integral part of places that we never knew were so important. The importance of side and rear-view mirrors on vehicles is something every driver would agree with, the mirrors have also taken the décor world where a lot of times they are taken as something that would create a livelier look to wherever they are being added.

The factors of how beautiful a mirror can hide imperfections when it comes to using it in rooms play a major role here. The edgy look that it gives along with the spacious illusion that a mirror provides is nothing new for interior decorators or planners. Machines too did not hold back when it comes to using anything that can make a machine a step closer to being perfect.

How The Invention Of Mirror Changed Everything!

Basically, there is no denying the fact that the invention of the mirror plays a much larger role than we realize. Things would have been so different in a manner that is impossible for us to imagine as we are already, unconsciously, so heavily dependent on every invention ever made including mirrors.    

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