How To Get Customers From Your Audience

Wondering how to get customers from your dedicated audience? As long as you have a product or a service, it will sell. The real question is how.

The prerequisite is, of course, having an audience. Whether you have a specific website to advertise and market your services, or social media handles with a generous following, having an engaged crowd remains primary. Once you are there and are ready to sell, the world is ready to buy. 

We have collected the top 7 strategies that growth experts around the globe swear by when it comes to growing their consumer base and boosting their sales. These experts explain how to get customers from your audience in depth. These psychological triggers have proven to work extremely well with the targeted audience. Read, understand, apply and grow!

Howbto get customers: the basics

13 reasons why 

Why should someone buy your product? 

Amid all the competition and race, your audience should have a reason to choose you and your service. Does your product make life easier? Does your service help? Does a premium version of what you sell come with extra benefits? 

How To Get Customers From Your Audience

Take Amazon Prime, for example. Not only does Prime offer fast and free deliveries, you get access to thousands of movies and shows through Amazon Prime video. There’s your reason to go for the Premium version. 

Your products having a higher purpose will encourage the audience to buy from you. An example for this would be eco-friendly, kind-to-nature yoga mats over synthetic ones 

The hype

How To Get Customers From Your Audience

Even before Microsoft launched its new Surface laptops a few weeks back, the audience had been anticipating the 2-in-1 devices. Leaked images, teasers and expected features only added to the hype. And so, when the devices were launched, everyone wanted to get their hands on them. 

Create anticipation for your product and service, and see it sold out as soon as it’s launched. 

The element of authority 

How To Get Customers From Your Audience

How to get customers to buy your products? We would t say no to our heroes, honestly.b

If we knew David Beckham uses a particular aftershave, we’d probably trust him enough to get our hands on the same. Now, yes, some people might not like Beckham, but that does not matter, because many do. 

Having a person in authority advertise and endorse your product is a sure shot at boosting your sales. 

Hurry! Only 4 items left

How To Get Customers From Your Audience

Oh, the urgency of checking out when only a very few products are left on a shopping website! 

It has been observed that when you display the actual number of the products left and it’s a small one, the checkout completion rate increases drastically. Don’t lie about it, but also make sure you don’t display a large number of products that are left. Stick to single digits. 

How fo get customers to stay

User experience

Ever noticed how we are naturally inclined towards buying things that have a number of good ratings and reviews? 

Anyone would want to steer clear of things that have no reviews. Social proof remains very important when you are trying to turn your audience into customers. Having web influencers review your products works greatly. Not only do people get proof of your credibility, followers of these influencers become trusting and willing to try your service. 

Did it help? 

How To Get Customers From Your Audience

Was the purchase significant? 

Did the product help how your customers think of themselves? Does it help them perceive themselves better? 

When your products and services are significant for your consumers, you can be assured of higher sales and returning customers. Remember, our question does not end at how to get customers. The complete question is how to get customers to stay?

Community, support and service

How To Get Customers From Your Audience

The best thing about FindWhatFeelsGood membership offered by Yoga guru Adriene is the sense of belongingness. The FWFG community is supportive, responsive, and it pretty much runs on its own. Members are free to connect with each other, and solve queries as well. 

The sense of being a part of something larger than ourselves is a motivator. 

Post-sale service is also integral to establishing integrity and trust with your audience. Remember, our goal is not only to grow our customers, but also to retain them. 

Do you have more tips? Share with us below!

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