How To Grow Your Instagram Following

How can you grow your Instagram following? It’s not a simple question to answer. But I’m sure you follow an account with hundreds, if not millions, of followers who are interested and interacting with every post shared by the account. But how did they manage it? Is there something they know about Instagram marketing that you don’t?

They most likely do.

How To Grow Your Instagram Following

Many people are unaware of the labor and thought that goes on behind the scenes of these large accounts. They don’t know how much time and effort it takes to create a large following of people and get engagement on every post.

Here are some tricks that can help you grow your Instagram following and create. Meaningful community.

Optimize your Instagram Account

One of the most crucial stages before finding out how to acquire Instagram followers is to have your account completely optimized. Consider your brand’s Instagram bio to be the “homepage” of your account. How would visitors know the account belongs to your brand if it lacks a bio, image captions, a valid username, or a profile photograph? It may seem apparent, but your bio and image on Instagram help create the pillars of your business identity. Because the link in your bio is your only way to attract Instagram traffic to your website, optimizing your account is critical.

How To Grow Your Instagram Following

Keep your username as search-friendly as possible, which typically means staying near to your actual brand name. If your company name is lengthier, shorten it to something that your target audience would recognize.

Know your audience 

How To Grow Your Instagram Following

By looking at the data that Instagram gives, you can discover when you have the most followers on Instagram. This information is available for business accounts by clicking the Insights button.

For many accounts, this entails mixing in posts that are truly intended to make followers smile and establish customer connections. Don’t forget to supply material to your followers on your personal feed as if they were friends: this may include posting memes or inspiring content that can provide your followers a mental pick-me-up throughout the day.

Cater to your audience 

How To Grow Your Instagram Following

Conversation is one of the most effective strategies to get consumers aware of your Instagram account. Consumers prefer to connect with visual-first material like images and video, according to the 2020 Sprout Social Index, followed by individuals who want to engage with text postings. Instagram is ideal for this audience profile since it combines eye-catching pictures with captions.

Know WHEN to post

When you have a business account on Instagram, you can simply access your Analytics and view your Insights. Scroll down to the bottom to view a bar graph indicating when times of day your Instagram interaction is at its peak. This tells you when your target audience is most active and when you should publish.

You have a greater chance of getting your content in front of your target audience if you publish a post when they are likely to be on Instagram. You’ll also have a higher chance of gaining more participation. The trick is to determine when is the best moment to post. When it comes to blogging, there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution. You may need to explore a little to figure out which times work best for you.

Be Consistent. Post! Post! Post!

Posting material at random, haphazard times is the worst thing you can do while attempting to get followers on Instagram. If you’re fortunate enough to have consumers follow you from the start, you don’t want to make them forget why they followed you in the first place. Maintain a consistent publishing schedule to combat this. In fact, create scheduling calendars regularly to combat the lack of content. Have a constant to do list, and be consistent and deliver what you have promised!

Use Instagram features 

Stories, Reels, Filters and Lives are your best friend! They expose you to people outside your followers and they are a great way to get your content out.

How To Grow Your Instagram Following

Instagram Live may be one of the greatest ways to use video to increase engagement and followers in 2021, according to the future of video on Instagram. Instagram Live is a completely unedited video broadcast that your followers can watch and interact with – this means that your audience may send comments and queries in real time. A slew of businesses have jumped on the Instagram Live bandwagon.

Instagram stories are designed to allow you to quickly and simply share events from your life. The main benefit of this app is that all tales are featured at the top of the Instagram feed without the need for prepayments or post boosting. Despite the fact that tales only endure 24 hours, their influence lasts much longer, especially with the most popular stories, which you may put in your profile highlights.

If you do not share Instagram Reels before 2021, you may be passing up a major chance for your company or business! Reels, Instagram’s newest video feature that takes center stage in the redesigned main navigation bar, allows users to create up to 30-second video segments set to music.  Instagram Reels have the chance to go seriously viral.


Hashtags are an excellent method to spread the word about your company, locate user-generated content, create a community, and grow your Instagram following. It might be anything as basic as your company’s name, slogan, or the name of one of your products, events, or campaigns. Rewarding your client base is one of the best methods to see activity on your hashtag. 

Take use of the hashtag count by copying and pasting your hashtag list into a photo’s comment box. This is done so that your audience does not notice a long string of hashtags in your caption. Using the proper hashtags can also enhance your chances of getting featured as an Instagram Top Post. This implies that the more engaged you are, the more likely you are to be featured.

Do you have more tips to grow your Instagram following? Tell us in the comments below!

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