How To Make ‘Diwali In Pandemic’ Happen

The pandemic was a bust for almost all the festivals we wait the whole year for and no one can deny that Holi and Diwali top that list. Well, we can only hope that things get better by Holi but as for Diwali, don’t worry, coronavirus might be a party pooper but we know how to make Diwali in pandemic fun for you!

How To Make ‘Diwali In Pandemic’ Happen

Use The Technology – Connect, Play, Laugh!

Festivals are all about celebrating with loved ones but coronavirus took that joy away. Well, we might not be able to meet with some of them physically but this Diwali, make sure you connect with each and every family member, friend and lost bonds through video conferencing or calls or letters? I am a little old school that way. Nevertheless, just because you can’t meet your loved ones doesn’t mean you have to stay devoid of their blessings and smiles! Plan a game of online charades or Among Us (millennials, take charge!) or any from the massive collection of online games and fun stuff. Make it a virtual gettogether, if not in-person and have the time of your life!

lighted candle in black ceramic candle holder

(The concept of extended household from Scotland sounds pretty exciting now, doesn’t it?)

Gifts, Sweets And Gratitude – Also, Secret Santa?

We might not be able to physically meet our loved ones due to Diwali in a pandemic but that doesn’t mean the sweets have to stop!? You can send gift baskets, dishes, sweets and so much by one tap on your phone and make the day of the receiver, spread smiles if you will. Well, if you are worried you will end up being the gift-er of the group, plan a modified version of Secret Santa in Diwali maybe? Sounds pretty exciting, i might just do it!

lighted candles

Also,  the most important thing, don’t forget to be grateful for all the good things in your life – the people, the surroundings, the love – and make sure to remind everyone how thankful you are to have them in your life. Be kind and grateful and appreciate the little things in life rather than feeling low and sad for the temporary problems that will soon go away.

brown wooden board

The Ever Important Advice – Say No To Crackers

Pollution has been deteriorating our environment for such a long time and it only rises many folds during the Diwali season because of the crackers and considering that the pandemic is enough problematic for us already, we don’t want more environmental hazards. Instead of bursting crackers, this time plan other activities out like online games, calls, dinner? 

How To Make ‘Diwali In Pandemic’ Happen

There is so much the virtual world offers, even if it isn’t the same it could be really fun. You will dress up your best anyway, you have to! Also, enjoy the pre-Diwali cleaning, it’s actually super fun!

How To Make ‘Diwali In Pandemic’ Happen

Diwali is the most awaited festival of the year and we understand it is tough to stay indoors and limit ourselves but considering the constant rise and predictions of rising cases post the festival is a big reason enough to make the compromises and divert the fun elsewhere so that the virus can go away and the next Diwali is as happening as ever! Stay safe, stay healthy and don’t burn crackers! Happy Diwali!

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