How To Sleep At Your Boyfriend’s For The First Time

What’s the nicest thing about being an adult in a new relationship? Sleepovers for adults! You don’t have to worry about sneaking in and leaving like you used to. There’s also pillow conversation, plenty of snuggling time, and, if you’ve truly discovered a keeper, breakfast in bed. What could possibly be better? Even if you simply enjoy having someone to watch Netflix with at 2 a.m., you understand that there is nothing better at times. Knowing what to do and what not to do when you go to sleep at your boyfriend’s for the first time can be quite handy when it’s your first time.

It won’t be weird if you and your partner have known each other for a long. It’s like hanging out with pals, except you do more fun things like watch movies, cuddle, and spoon. It’s fine if you get up before him and make him breakfast! Bring it to your bed and have some fun! Don’t give it too much thought. And, unless you both know one other well enough, don’t pack an overnight bag if he simply invites you to come hang out. You may always wear one of his shirts when you’re out and about!

How To Sleep At Your Boyfriend’s For The First Time

Understand his true feelings

If you like someone, you like them because you like them. You won’t care whether or not you’ve slept together by the third date. In fact, you’re more interested in getting to know each other than in sleeping together. A man who is turned off by something you did in bed will not stay with you for long.

How To Sleep At Your Boyfriend’s For The First Time

Have plans for the evening

You don’t want to arrive with your suitcase just to settle on the sofa and wonder, “Now what?” Make sure you talk about it ahead so you know what to anticipate when you walk over to his house. It will make things a lot less uncomfortable.

Pack well

Don’t be concerned about seeming overly prepared; he probably won’t notice whether you packed a toothbrush or deodorant. Purses are large enough to conceal small toddlers these days, so why not stash an extra pair of underwear or a clean shirt to avoid the “walk of shame” and even allow you to go straight to work without raising any red flags at the office?

Remember to bring your toothbrush

He won’t notice if you don’t wear three layers of cosmetics, but he will notice if you don’t keep up with your cleanliness. Pack deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, clean underpants, and face wipes.

How To Sleep At Your Boyfriend’s For The First Time

Talk about sleeping arrangements

Bed? Sofa? Have some extra space? Don’t make any assumptions. Again, this is something you should discuss before you go to sleep at your boyfriend’s. You’ll most likely be sleeping in his bed, but if you’re taking things slowly, you may ask for some more space when it’s time to sleep.

How To Sleep At Your Boyfriend’s For The First Time

Have an exit strategy

If things don’t go as planned or you don’t want to risk overstaying your welcome, have an explanation ready to use to get out of there. This is hard since you don’t want to declare that you have to go “work,” “see a friend,” or “clean your oven” if snuggling in bed or having breakfast together sounds enticing. Try it out. Go with it if you two are having fun together. However, you’re a busy person, and if you need to go, go. Being self-sufficient is always empowering.

How To Sleep At Your Boyfriend’s For The First Time

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