Wear Pyjamas On Your Valentine’s Day Date – Here’s Why! 

While stumbling across pictures of couples out for a Valentine’s day date in dimly lit restaurants, dingy little diners and romantic expeditions, how dressed up these affectionate people were stabbed our eyes, stabbed our pockets and stabbed our hearts. We were overwhelmed; the effort mocked us. 

Was love not supposed to be warm and fuzzy, like hello kitty jammies? Why were these clothes claustrophobic, then? Thousands of questions crossed our mind; all these had one answer. Just the one. 

Dare To Wear Pyjamas On Your Valentine's Day Date – Here's Why! 

Friends, family, and citizens of the world, this is a case for wearing pyjamas on your Valentine’s day date. We present 10 arguments in favor of our standing, for your hearing. 

It’s Valentine’s day, not Paris Fashion Week 

Dare To Wear Pyjamas On Your Valentine's Day Date – Here's Why! 
. Supermodel Dean from Supernatural, at his own fashion show

Let us start off with this: it’s Valentine’s day, not a fashion show. While we all love dressing up for special occasions, we do see our motivation running away when that becomes customary. If it were to be established that we need not get ready for this day of love, we might actually put in a little more effort. Like, wearing matching socks, you know?

You’re worth it 

Dare To Wear Pyjamas On Your Valentine's Day Date – Here's Why! 

No matter how high or low your self worth hangs, wearing PJs makes a statement. If you show up to a Michelin-star restaurant for your Valentine’s date – wearing fuzzy pyjamas – your date knows you are worth it, the staff knows you are worth it. And, well, you? You already know you are worth it. 

It sets the bar 

Dare To Wear Pyjamas On Your Valentine's Day Date – Here's Why! 

With regards to our experience in relationships, it does not get any worse than the pyjamas stage. When you wear your jammies to a date, though, it sets an instant bar. One very low, but a bar nonetheless. It’s tacit, this is who I am, do you accept me? Your soulmate probably will. If you and your your partner have been together for long, the bar has already been set. You just have to be committed to it.

Shakespeare supports it 

Shakespeare, or at least Fakespeare once said, “Expectation is the root of all heartache”. And well, we only ever expect what we are willing to offer. If you don’t dress up for your Valentine’s date you won’t expect your date to, either. No efforts, no expectations, no probable disappointments. We both put in 0 efforts and live happily ever after.

It’s healthy 

Dare To Wear Pyjamas On Your Valentine's Day Date – Here's Why! 

Dressing up ‘wrong’ is an extreme sport. When you step into the restaurant, you’ll feel a rush of adrenaline you only felt when you were skydiving. And this hormone, every now and then, is a healthy part of human physiology. Adrenaline makes you feel invincible. Who knew wearing pyjamas had health benefits?

No regrets

Dare To Wear Pyjamas On Your Valentine's Day Date – Here's Why! 

If you’re going out with someone you don’t(or barely) know, wearing jammies can save you a lot of regret. Can you imagine getting ready for hours just for your date to turn out to be trash? With pyjamas, you would have spent 30 seconds getting ready, so you will be able to live a regret-free life.

It’s for a cause 

Dare To Wear Pyjamas On Your Valentine's Date – Here's Why! 

It’s high time we realize that it is us who make history. To break society’s conventions is our job. Your friends might ask you to dress up for your date, but be wise. No revolution ever took place without a badass willing to break the shackles. Your favorite pair is an artifact, your date the revolution.

Your date will know you’re spontaneous 

Wear pyjamas on your valentine's day date

There’s not much you can do while wearing a pair of slacks with formal shoes or an off-shoulder dress with pencil heels. Eat with a fork, walk fifteen steps max, and at the most, drive a car. But when you wear pyjamas, the world of everything opens its doors. Trekking? In. Yoga? In. Hot air balloon? In. Riding a bike? In. Robbing a bank and running away? In, and in twice. Spontaneity matters. 

It encourages vulnerability 

Dare To Wear Pyjamas On Your Valentine's Day Date – Here's Why! 

Whether it is or not, when someone sees you in your jammies at a restaurant on Valentine’s day date, it is assumed as a cry for help. To get you to open up, an empath will share their own experience. When tears roll down, a kind manager will declare that your drinks are on the house. Other diners might come to your table. A community might be formed. PJs Anonymous all the way!

It can save your $$$, in more ways than one 

Wear pyjamas on your valentine's day date

The obvious way pyjamas are saving your monies is your need to not buy a new dress. But that’s not it. Imagine your date shows up in sweats or PJe, and you both click. Without even ordering, you leave, hand in hand. That’s the second amount saved. When you reach back together, you eat leftovers from last night. That’s your third saving. And then your date says the magic words…

We can use my friend’s Netflix subscription.

There are no words. Only feelings. 

Did you wear pyjamas to your date? Pictures, or it didn’t happen!

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