Let Your Partner’s Preferences Reveal Your Next Couple Vacation Destination

Ready to vacay with your beloved as summer hits?

With so many travel guides around, so many packages thrown into our faces and such tempting pictures on Instagram, we are left with a hanging question…

Where should we go next?

Even more so when you’re planning a vacation with your partner. Keeping all preferences in mind can be pretty taxing. Which brings us to the picture. Answer a few questions about your partner’s preferences and we’ll give you a custom destination you’ll fall in love with. Your partner will love it even more. If you’re planning on surprising them with two plane tickets, you can trust our decision and go ahead with your customized

  1. 1 Your partner vacations to...

    1. Relax
    2. Replenish
    3. Have an adventure
  2. 2 Does your partner get sea sick?

    1. No, they're a water babie
    2. Only when we are near the water for too many days
    3. Yes
  3. 3 While vacationing, your partner likes to eat...

    1. Vegan/vegetarian food
    2. Local flavours
    3. My partner swims in cheese
  4. 4 Is your partner flexible when it comes to accomodation?

    1. Um, no
    2. Hotel, motel, streets. Very flexible
    3. I'm not sure, i should probably ask them lol
  5. 5 Pick the weather your partner prefers

    1. Warm, even a little on the hot side
    2. Warm days with cool nights
    3. Cool to cold
  6. 6 Tell us your partner's packing habits

    1. They pack light
    2. Hmmm. Idk, normal, I guess?
    3. They pack eveeything. Just in case, you know
  7. 7 Pick the statement that suits your partner best:

    1. My partner does not mind looking like an outsider in a foreign place
    2. My partner likes to blend in. If we were to go somewhere, they would try to learn the local language before the vacation.
    3. My partner likes to get to know the local culture when we visit
  8. 8 This is about you. One of the many reasons you love your partner is because of

    1. Their ability to have fun, to be chill
    2. Their ability to give themselves over completely to what they do
    3. Their curious nature; the light in their eyes when something works out

Let Your Partner's Preferences Reveal Your Next Couple Vacation Destination

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  1. Quiz result

    Take your partner to Bora Bora!

    For the beach babes and nature lovers out there, Bora Bora is the place to go. The most stunning in French Polynesia, Bora Bora is the perfect place to relax at and lose yourself. It is filled with list forests, blue lagoons and pristine beaches – all making it no less than a wonderland. The extravagant resorts will make sure you and your partner have the most beautiful time here!

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  2. Quiz result

    Take your partner to Santorini!

    Santorini, the pride of Greece has been on many many bucket lists. And for all the right reasons. The island is breathtaking on its own; the weatherz the water and the vast skies make it ethereal. You can visit one or the many villages here..maybe a candlelight dinner looks right? The wonderful aura of Santorini makes it one of the most romantic vacation spots on earth. Ohz and you can eat as much cheese as you'd like. 🙂

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  3. Quiz result

    Take your partner to Quebec City!

    Often known as Canada's own France, Quebec city is arguably the most European place in Canada. If you and your partner are, by any chance, city people, you'll fall in love with this one and the historical places you witness. There is never a dull moment in Quebec City. Attend converts, carnivals, fests and roam around the streets to come back to face with beaming nightlife. If you're seeking an adventure, you and your partner are in for a treat!

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