Why Is Insta Queens Ad By Diamonds Factory So Popular?

Jewells, especially, diamonds have always been a symbol of status and beauty. And correctly so, because why not? The diamond is one of the most beautiful rocks one can ever lay their eyes on. There is a reason why proposing your love is often expressed through a breathtaking diamond ring. It carries the potential to shake thrones and kingdoms. Okay, that was the story of the past, but the value is still the same. Maybe that’s why jewelry brands make it big once they enter the game of diamonds. Several brands have made a name for their jewelry, but one that stands out the most is the Diamonds Factory. You can’t not know this brand if you have a thing for jewelry. Other than its unbelievably low price, this diamond brand makes headlines for many reasons. And this time around, it is about their latest Insta-Queens ad! Let’s hit the details of this revolutionary advertising campaign.

Why Is Diamonds Factory's Insta Queens Ad So Popular?
Insta Queens ad, via Diamonds Factory

What is Diamonds Factory?

Diamonds Factory is a jewelry brand that is one of the most trusted and respected jewelry brands in the UK. The company is owned by the Jain family and was opened in 2008. They make some of the most beautiful jewelry that one can only imagine ever owning. But what sets this brand apart from the rest is its price. Believe us or not, but the diamonds here are cheap in comparison to any other competitors. That is because this company has eliminated the concept of the middleman. Hence, less costly dealing! The brand claims that you end up paying up to 78% less than high street jewelers. Now that is something. No doubt that people love this brand. In a short span of 12 years, the factory has already made a sizable value in the jewelry market. Their services make it easier for their customers to return to them for every occasion that requires a diamond to flaunt or gift. They openly claim to have received 3000+ 5-start reviews, making it a sure fact that there is a reason why they are on the top, correct?

So what is their new Insta-Queens Ad?

Their latest ad, the Insta-Queens ad, is simply one of the most unique ways of advertising the product. However, the ad is more than just some regular product advertisement. Insta-Queens ad, as in the name, is about 7 powerful queens from history. These queens might not be known for their kind hearts but were hailed strongly by everyone during their times. Diamonds Factory took these 7 queens and re-imagined the Instagram accounts of these queens, if they would have had one, of course. The idea behind this ad is to show how these queens would have presented their status and power through their Instagram page. It, of course, would have involved some heavy jewelry on their body. And that is where Diamonds Factory comes in. The ad is winning people for the stunning jewelry of these 7 women. Each post contains a description of each of the queens and their respective jewelry.

Who are these queens?

Each one of them has a prominent value. All of them were some of the most powerful humans of their time. In the first place, we have Cleopatra, a scholar and a queen who ruled Egypt. She was not only intelligent but was also a fashion icon that took her styling pretty seriously. Her jewelry includes a gold collar, a gold serpentine cuff, and a ring.

Insta Queens ad, via Diamonds Factory

Second in line, we have Marie Antoinette. She was used as a symbol of wealth and greed, but she was very powerful. She was known for being a fashion diva. She can be seen wearing a pearl necklace with matching earrings.

Insta Queens ad, via Diamonds Factory

On the third spot, we have Queen Elizabeth l. She was an intelligent queen that was fluent in many languages. Known for her dedication to her country, you can see her wearing a beautiful gold crown and a stunning ring.

Why Is Diamonds Factory's Insta Queens Ad So Popular?
Insta Queens ad, via Diamonds Factory

Fourth, we have Catherine the Great. This beauty was well-educated and was adored by many for her intelligence during her times. Her picture is studded with a series of necklaces that are full of diamonds, along with a giant ruby on her hand.

Why Is Diamonds Factory's Insta Queens Ad So Popular?
Insta Queens ad, via Diamonds Factory

Fifth, we have Wu Zetian. Wu was very intelligent and was a woman surrounded by many scandals and controversies. You can see her wearing a stunning Chinese Phoenix Crown.

Why Is Diamonds Factory's Insta Queens Ad So Popular?
Insta Queens ad, via Diamonds Factory

On the sixth spot, we have Boudica. She was a fierce queen of Britain who led the revolt against Roman rule. Known for her brain, you can see her wearing a beautiful crown and a bracelet.

Why Is Diamonds Factory's Insta Queens Ad So Popular?
Insta Queens ad, via Diamonds Factory

The last one on the list is Mary, Queen of Scots. She was known for her intelligence and beauty. She had very high beauty standards that she maintained all the time. You can see her wearing a beautiful jewel on her hair and a necklace with matching earrings.

Insta Queens ad, via Diamonds Factory

What a peculiar way to showcase a product! Which among them was your favorite?

Enjoyed learning about Diamonds Factory’s Insta-Queens campaign? Also read about #SaveTheFuturrBoners campaign.

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