Let Your Pet Sleep Over An Instant Ramen Bowl Bed

Only a pet companion can tell what it feels to have a pet. You can always admire their cuteness, either when they are playing with you or even when they are sleeping. But, since appearance is reality, have you ever thought how can you make them look even cuter?

Imagine your pet sleeping in a bowl of instant ramen noodles. WHAT!?

YEP! This is definitely going to make your pet look 100x adorable.

There is a bed for your pets which is designed to look like an instant noodle bowl.

The instant noodle pet bed became popular when pictures of Yuki-Chan, a Shiba Inu from Aomori, Japan flooded the internet. Her pictures were uploaded on her twitter handle by her hooman(or by herself, who can tell?) and it wenr viral.  People were going insane seeing the cuteness of a dog curling in her noodle bowl bed. Everyone just wanted one! 

This bed also has a cup lid which looks quite realistic with all the labels, and a round mat printed with the pictures of dried noodle cakes.

These instant noodle pet beds are available on Amazon, so you don’t have to scroll the internet for hours to order these adorable beds for your adorable pet.

The bowl bed is made up of polyurethane foam – very soft and is breathable. The perfect heat retention and air permeability make it suitable for all seasons. The mat which comes with it is detachable, so you can also use it as a pet mat. The quilt lid has metal inside it to retain the quilt in shape. 

This instant noodle pet bed is available in three different sizes: the small one, the medium one and the large one. The small one has a diameter of 13.6 inches and height of 4.9 inches which is a perfectly suitable size for small sized dogs, cats or any other pets like bunnies, guinea pigs, or for your hedgehog! Why not? The medium size has a diameter of 17.7 inches and height of 7.8 inches, a perfect size if you have a Shiba or any other medium sized pet. The third one, the large one is 20 inches in diameter and is 9.3 inches tall to fit in any large sized pet.

Whatever size you pick, your cutie remains YOUR LITTLE ONE!

All the three parts of the bed are washable. You can simply wash them with cold water and they dry naturally. You can also find this bed in different colors like red, blue and others!

All of us want to make sure our pets look their cutest. The added benefit is the copious amount of attention our pets get when they’re at their best, which they well deserve! This product did exactly that. Yuki-Chan, the Shiba Inu is a star dog. Just a bed(and the dog’s beauty, if Were being completely honest) made her so popular.

Pets find it comfy, their hoomans find it adorable. It is te perfect bed for any house with pets. 🙂

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