Lo-Fi – The Genre Of Music That The Millennial Artists Love

Most of the millennials have a special love for a soundtrack that relates much closer to their lives. Lo-fi music has millions of listeners on YouTube, mostly comprising millennials. The Lo-fi is the genre of music that you will tune into at any point so that the subtle, complex and soothing rhythms enchant you.

selective focus photography of black vinyl player

“Lo-fi” which stands for “low-fidelity,” is a term used in the world of music where you hear imperfections that typically sound to be errors in the recording process. Tuning into popular channels on Youtube like ChillHop or ChilledCow will make you feel those “mistakes” are an intrinsic part of the listening experience. These channels have boomed in popularity during the pandemic as the live stream music is listened to for hours on end by people around the world.

When tuning into lo-fi hip hop for the first time, you will instantly feel a sense of community regardless of whatever the format is.

Lo-fi is relaxing and nostalgic

You may be busy enough to not notice the whole world outside your bedroom window and this would also be the reason why you’re nestled in bed, feeling the serenity and safety of your laptop or an evergreen supply of vinyl records and seltzer. Due the old recording effects, bad samples and low quality beats, Lo-Fi music creates on us a nostalgic sensation. Nostalgy that comes when we remember moments of our childhood, when we used to play video teapes, casettes and when we spent whole day playing with our old “Game Boy”

The authentic sound and inherent simplicity, lets artists experiment with the genre to bring out signature compositions with a blend of chill beats and distorted dialogue. Music is an ultimate way for overcoming anxiety, and Lo-Fi finds a great place in the quarantine playlist of most of the people including popular actor, producer and rapper, Will Smith. The productive effect of Lo-fi music has reflected beyond one-night binge sessions by inspiring cosplayers, pop cultures and dedicated fan communities.

Lo-fi version for every genre of music

Most of the people tune into lo-fi beats on an endless loop so that they get to feel a  relaxing effect. Experts who have researched Lo-Fi, suggest that the repetition in this genre of music makes it predictable and soothing for listeners. This music will take our mind to a subconscious level so that it can easily predict how the sound will proceed.

Lo-Fi is not a genre of music that is only linked with hip-hop beats. You can listen Lo-Fi music of any other genres like jazz, reggae, folk among others. Even you can find Lo-Fi music based in the sound track of video games series or movies!

This music will let you relax and focus so that you will be more productive in what you are doing. A snug and safe space with a lo-fi song on loop is all you need during moments like that!

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