Lux Doomsday Bunkers, The Rich Prep For Apocalypse

Building luxury doomsday bunkers is the way some of the wealthiest people in the world get ready for the apocalypse. Douglas Rushkoff, an American technology writer with an inclination toward the early cyberpunk culture recently had a discussion about the future of the planet with the wealthiest men in the world. He didn’t reveal the names of the people he spoke with but said that at least two of them were billionaires.

Lux Doomsday Bunkers, The Rich Prep For Apocalypse
Europa One 3D Plan, via Vivos

These people have shared their plans to build underground bunkers to survive climate changes or societal collapse which they refer to as ‘The Event.’ According to Rushkoff, a brokerage company CEO has nearly completed building his own underground bunker system and is concerned about how to maintain authority over his security force after ‘The Event’. But what is this event, and why are people building bunkers? Doomsday bunkers, we mean. Let’s find out. 

Why are the bunkers made?

‘The Event’ is the rich way of softening the environmental collapse, social unrest, unstoppable pandemic or nuclear attack that can take everything down. Some of the ultra-wealthy survival companies including Vivos and Rising S Company are already employed in building escapes. Citing privacy concerns, of course, these companies refuse to give any information on specific clients or projects. But that luxury bunkers have been made for this inevitably apocalypse remains a staggering fact. 

What are luxury doomsday bunkers about?

Vivos is a company that sells essentially luxury underground apartments built into converted Cold War facilities and missile silos around the world. Individuals can gather in common areas of these complexes while maintaining their own private space. Advertised as the world’s largest private shelter, Europa One, located in Germany is one of the company’s most luxurious sites providing individual families with over 2,500 square feet of private luxury accommodation.

Another leading survival company Rising S builds its shelters individually into customers’ existing properties. It provides doomsday bunkers which start at $40,000, but the luxury series starts at about $3.78 million and goes up to $14 million. Who wouldn’t wanna live in luxury when the world is ending, right? Ths company helps luxury clients customize shelters with anything, from operating rooms to horse stables, shooting ranges, basketball courts, and crypto mining rooms!

How are the bunkers made luxurious?

Lux Doomsday Bunkers, The Rich Prep For Apocalypse

The site by Vivos caters to the mental health of residents with numerous amenities, and operates almost as its own village with a bar, chapel, pools, movie theater, garden, wine vault and also guard buildings lining the premises for security purposes. The site will simulate natural light in the underground shelter, but we can’t still be sure that the site can survive a true apocalypse. Vivos has also designed modest accommodations at a site in South Dakota to allow residents to operate for a minimum of one year without having to return to the outside world.

It is less likely for doomsday bunkers to protect their residents from reality. This never-before quest of the billionaires for building doomsday bunkers can be seen as a larger trend of Elon Musk looking to colonize Mars. This can hugely impact in leaving a sense that the world itself is unlivable to everyone else. But the concept and the structures that have been constructed till now look promising, and so survival companies are experiencing a surge in well-educated, average people showing interest in luxury doomsday shelters, especially at the onset of the pandemic and Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

What are your thoughts?

Find out about the luxury community in metaverse. 

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